Friday, December 14, 2007

The RAW naruto manga chapter 382

Although it is not translated ,you can still see a peek of what might happen in the all new chapter ,and again if you would like to download this one you should go to,

naruto shippuden episode 39

the 39th episode of naruto shippuden is now able to be watched with english subtitles
on youtube or most definitely anywhere you can see anime videos=^-^=whoot
its got complete english subs and if you want to download it go to

Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Translated naruto manga chapter 381

The 381st naruto manga chapter is translated ,so it can be watched(read) on youtube or any where else you can watch video's or download naruto manga!

Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Naruto's parents *SPOILER*

In chapter 367 of the Naruto manga Jariya and Tsunade talk about naruto's parents and reveal their names

namikaze minato:
the fourth hokage

uzumaki kushina;a female ninja of the former whirlpool

Great place to learn more about naruto, the characters and more it has almost everything you need to know about Naruto and its characters , the characters abilities , teams, families ,and more^-^

Naruto:Shippuden Movie Release

The 4th Naruto movie will be subbed and on youtube or sometime in April of 2008 ,it will take awhile for Dattebayo to sub it.but in in the time, before that we can watch shippuden the show a new one is released every Thursday or Friday^-^