Friday, May 8, 2009

It is Be Kind to Animals Week May 3rd through 9th

-1Our family are huge animal loveres, we save all that cross our paths from kittens and puppies to turtles. If it is lost or needs a home we take it in, One of the worse things in the world to my kids is to know that a pet is lost and not  able to find its way home.

At the Home Again Web Site, the microchip program will allow you to keep your pets safe and keep them from ever  getting lost and not come home. And right now HomeAgain is donating $1 to for every single pet you place into their program at HomeAgain.

Be kind to your pets, get them into the microchip program, its perfect because with the microchip your animal can not lose the ID, nor will it be able to be removed. is a fund raising website that has all the top pet suppliers and any purchases that are made through the website helps fund food for animal shelters as well as any medical care needed for the babies. The animal shelters need this type of support from us very m uch. The HomeAgain has recovered more than 500,000 pets. The Home Again website is a fundraising Web site specifically created to help shelter animals and has helped recover more than 500,000 lost pets.

Naruto Manga chapter 446

 Bleach Spread Special - Renji Abarai ~
Naruto Manga - Entitled I  just  wanted  to  Protect  Them <> Chap. 446
After a week of Nothing we finally reach the new week when Golden Week in Japan is over, what kind of holiday deprives Anime fans their weekly dose?

The Naruto Manga Chapter is out, evrywhere I'm sure, being translated or having been already long ago, but my pount is (and its A good one...) That you or anyone really can go read it now, right this moment, but spoiler Alert > We're still in Nagato's flashback, so as you could tell it will be all talk and Zip Action T.T

Naruto Page 1, B and C

Thursday, April 30, 2009

IceBloc - the new dynamic duo of hip hop

The new hip hop artists Icebloc are really pretty good. At first you think, okay heard this sound before like a dozen times. But then I listened to the song for a few more times and began to hear the subtle things about their voices that makes this duo something to watch very carefully. Go their website and give a listen to Put It In The Air, more than one time too.  The group is really J. Keyes ( John Keyes), and Vito ( Vernon Norfleet) a boy from Louisiana and  boy from the south part of DC who  hit it off together with dope lyrics.

While I really do not like most hip hop artists, the thing that grabbed me in was that the lyrics are trying to say something, not the empty woman hating lack of judgment lyrics I normally hear. They strike me just like one rapper I really do admire, Ludacris so they are worthy of a few downloads from the album KrankMuzik (love that name) for the Zune if I can find them.

They get some great reviews in some high end places, such as DIGSTATION, if I were you I would check out their website and MySpace page and let their sound get into your soul, you may end up liking them a whole bunch. I do.


Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Bleach DS The Phantom Trailer and Episode 217

From Bleach Portal -

Bleach Anime Episode 217 Released!
Added by exotica on Wednesday, April 29th, 2009 at 12:42am

Bleach Anime Episode 217, entitled "Beautiful Little Devil Charlotte", has been released by Dattebayo!

* Bleach Anime Episode 217 by Dattebayo

I can not wait to get my hands on all the rest of the Season DVDs, my grandmom is going to get them as soon as they come out!

Also, just to let you know, there'll be no new Bleach manga this week since Shonen Jump won't be running. It'll be back next week.

And from Game we have a trailer for Bleach DS The Phantom!

Saturday, April 18, 2009

Naruto Manga Chapter 444 ~ Release

First the WEEKLY SHONEN JUMP cover, provided by Zagetsu01 at B.A.

*Naruto Manga Release/Spoilers

Finally it has been released, It was actually released yesterday but, I'm late as usual. Well the very anticipated chapter of Naruto is out, ready to be read and fully translated. The Naruto Chapter is Entitled "The Answer" For many reasons the obvious one you'll find out when you read it >.>

Quick Summary:
Naruto meets with Nagato, and tries to tell him something and get answers, but realizes he can't forgive him for what he's done, While Nagato holds Naruto under control with his chakra, he tells Naruto what his palce is, but its no use against Naruto seeing as he breaks free of his Chakra, a long discussion eventually leads to Nagato telling his sources for pain

Thursday, April 16, 2009

Naruto Manga Chapter 444 ~ Spoilers

Naruto Manga Spoilers
Chapter 444

Here are the Naruto Spoilers, the real-deal should be out Friday, thats Tomorrow, you probably know that though, I'm pretty sure you have a Calendar on you wall, If you don't thats strange, oh well enjoy :

[ ナルトと長門の会話~



長門 ナルトを操作してつれて帰ろうとするがナルトは支配されず

小南 この距離なのに長門のチャクラを戻すなんて何て子なの><

ナルト 仇を目の前にして自分がどうできるかみたいな事をいい

ナルト 俺はお前らを許せねえ今すぐにでも殺してやりたい!



ナルト 俺はお前らの事を何も知らないなぜ憎むようになったのか


俺の痛みは2つ 1つは両親が殺されたこと




長門父母は 長門に隠れていなさいといい

忍者は 敵だ~と父母を瞬殺
死体を見て おいこの人達は一般人だぞ
殺した忍者 なんで戦いのど真ん中に一般人が…すまんなボウズ

その時外で雷がなり 光ったときに長門が見たものは 木の葉の額当て

長門 うああああああああああああああああああ

ここで輪廻眼が出て来たところで ]

< Nagato and Naruto start discussion two black roads come up from Nagato's wheelchair and attack Naruto's chest Nagato - using that roads - shows how jiraya and kakashi died Nagato thinks to control naruto but it isn't so.

Konan: Even if he's so close he rejected nagato's chakra. What a guy! Naruto says that it was planned and his eyes start mixing frog style's eyes and kyuubi style's eyes.

Naruto: I cant forgive you, now let's finish that.

And he attacks Nagato but then he stops and he asks Nagato about his past. Nagato starts talking

Nagato: I felt pain twice. First time when my parents got killed and here flashback starts During the ninja war my family escaped. we hid into an house but 2ninja came in looking for food. Nagato's mother told him to stay hidden. Then his parents attacked ninja and they were killed by enemies.The Enemy saw nagato and then he asked "why do privates should be in the middle of that war? Im sorry kid" right that moment a storm started outisde. the ninjutsu it's from a konoha ninja.

Nagato: "aaaaaaaaaaaaa" Rinnegan was shown >

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Bleach Manga Spoilers


Translations and Spoilers thanks to The People at BleachAsylum

Bleach's Chapter this weeks chapter is not yet translated but there are some fairly decent spoilers thanks to the work done at BleachAsylum. Theres a poll dedicated to the Zanpakutou's of Bleach and a 3 picture spread with some colored manga, not of the chapter but still something to keep you tied down with.

Translation by Ann-chan@B.A.:

Zanpakutou Pop Poll:

Sode no Shirayuki

Ressureccion Segunda Etapa
"Within the Espada, only I have been able to use this second release. Not even Aizen-sama have I shown this form to." ~ Ulquiorra

It ends with Orihime arriving just as Ichigo gets pierced in the chest by an attack.

Go to Bleach Asylum for More Information, thats where it all happens, hey and even sign up to rep those who brought these spoiler to us ^^

And my video choice ~

Infiltration: The Set-Up!!

Season 4 : Ep. 171|23:40|
As soon as she awakens, Anko begins to remember Demon Island, a place once visited with her former sensei, Orochimaru. Anko reveals the truth behind the disappearences and the ...

Monday, February 23, 2009

A Place where kids can rock and roll with total fun!

With my kids, playing video games is a total release. They can go to a virtual world where they can do all sorts of fun and exciting games, and they can accomplish so many awesome feats. It is a great way to build self confidence and also meet new people. But my kids are now of an age where they do not need my supervision and know the stranger danger rules.
It is pretty awesome to be able to introduce a place where they younger children can go and do what the older kids are doing but do it in a safe environment.

At MAGNEXT VIRTUAL there is a whole world for young kids to visit, play awesome games against other kids and have a great time doing it. They can get points for doing well and not feel bad when they are not tops yet. This is important for a young child in his or her shaping of the new Internet world they will one day inhabit. This is a great way to let them do what the older kids are doing without being in any danger of being introduced to the wilder side of the games out there because lets be frank, today parents are not watching the older kids on the online games and there is a lot of risk verbal stuff going on during the play time.

And this MagNext world is one place where the kids would not have to see the blood and mayhem of the more popular games out today. I do not like to see the young ones playing such violent games at such a tender age.
So check out Magnext Virtual with your young ones, let them explore and grow in a safe online environment and feel safe knowing they are not being exposed to adult behaviour and they are having a ton of fun!


My Moon My Man ~ Feist

I know this is not exactly an Anime, Bleach or Naruto post, but I think this song would be a perfect fit for any Anime Show ~

Do u remember when you would dance , when you heard that perfect song and you thought no one could see you bare your soul musically? Check out this song, My Moon My Man Boys by Feist - Noize Remix

OMG this song just gets my heart going, I love it love it love it! I first heard this song from a set done at a nightclub in SF called DNA, from the website......... and my heart just melted it was so awesome!

It has been so long since I heard such beautiful and inspiring dance music, Feist is now on my radar, anyone have other music that fits this style?

Saturday, February 21, 2009

Bored? Try a good mystery!

Are you tired of spending your days tethered to the latest gadget, hearing the same MP3 list over and over? Have you watched every DVD you own more than once?
Why not settle in with a good mystery? At you can sign up and read and even help solve mysteries! It is a cool idea that I have not seen before, not counting the board game Clue which is decidedly less fun in my opinion.

At you can choose a mystery and then settle in to gather your clues , if you are the one who solved the mystery you get your name in the box as a great sleuth.

I read one story called the White House Ghosts , about some of our past president who playing a card game in the East Room of the White House reminisce about their respective lives and the various rumors that each had attached to their names.

There is more to the story but I wont ruin it for you, you really need to go to and check this out for yourself, its a really great idea and will keep you interested far longer than any DVD or chat room ever can. Go help solve a mystery!


Bleach and Naruto

Naruto Manga: Peace

The latest Naruto Manga by SleepyFans at OneManga, The Manga was recently translated just yesterday. So get down to that and watch it or...Read it. Yeah what ever you call it when you see it on you computer screen, just Go!

[ page 1:

Title: Peace
Left column: The feelings of a man respected as a god... The feelings caused by "pain", that so many men could not approach

page 2:
Ino dad: I understand now! The position of Pain's real body!
Shika: You got something?
Ino: What is it!?

Ino dad: Yeah... When I looked in the head of that guy from hidden rain that Jiraiya-sama caught

Ino dad: He was carrying dead bodies with his friend from the village
Rain guy: We're carrying dead bodies to the highest tower of the village. You know what is in there?

Shika: Carrying dead bodies?

Ino dad: Yes... You were right on the money before

page 3:
Ino dad: Listen... To begin with, in order to transmit the chakra signals, the receiver should logically be nearby

Ino dad: Then... that guy said that among all the towers in hidden rain, it was the tallest tower they were carrying dead bodies to...

Rain guy: Actually... The rumor is that Pain-sama is dwelling there
Ino dad: In hidden rain, the rumor is that Pain was inside of that tallest tower

Ino dad: Then that girl appeared as Pain... It was the same girl whose dead body was being carried to that tall tower...

Ino dad: It would mean that this tower is the place where they create Pain bodies by embedding those black stakes-like receivers into dead bodies

Shikamaru: So what is the connection with the position of the real body?

Page 4:
Ino dad: To transmit the chakra signals, the most efficient place is... To transmit as far away as possible, he had to be in the tallest tower!

Anbu: I see... which means

Ino dad: Pain's real body is on the highest place of Konoha...
Shikamaru: All right! Let's investigate thoroughly tall places

Translation by stream at The Naruto Forums ]


Bleach Manga : The Wrath

Bleach Manga 346, was released just yesterday morning I'm hardly late for this one....No? You can read this and more Manga, maybe discover differant variaties, at One Manga.Com, where they always have the freshest Manga around.

[ 簡易 Summary:

Ichigo is all beaten up, even though he's using the Hollow Mask he can't keep up with Ulq's speed.
Ulq tells Ichigo to bring Getsuga out --> Ichigo takes it out --> Ulq is undamaged, Ulq says "Human Level after all"

And shoots a black Cero.

It's all Ichigo vs Ulq except for a scene where Ishida tells Hime that Ichigo will be alright.
The mask Ulq destroyed returned back to normal.

Ann-chan note (lol): rushed it a bit cos in a hurry, I can't say it's 100% correct but it's fine overall.

Translation by Ann-chan ]

Thursday, February 5, 2009

Are you a parent looking for a safe place online for your little ones to play at?

Our little ones want to be like the big kids who get to play games online, but as parents we can not allow them to get into the XBox crowd. The language issue is a big problem for me, and the t hings that people talk about while playing, holy cow.But there is a place where you can go and sign your little ones up where they can play awesome games on line that are not little kid like.

MagNext is a virtual world where you can race your cars, go on super cool roller coasters and have great fun all the while really working hard at winning the games.

The sign up process is easy with an existing email. You as the parent get all the help files you need but its easy enough for the kids to pick up in the play department so you do not have to baby sit them while they play.

You can challenge other users in a Gladiator like combat, the world is colorful and kind of alien like which kids love. I liked the area where you can race your cars .. and you earn points each time you successfully complete a level.

Here is a screen shot to show you just what is in this wonderful world ~

If you have little ones who just want to be like their big brothers and sisters then take them to Magnext and turn them loose on the gaming world in safety! They and you will love it.


New finds for Bleach

Have you checked out Youtube for anime videos with music from bands like KORN? There are alot of very talented folks out there making some of the Hollyweird folks look like they are standing still in their art.
And the music from the shows themselves are rocking as well. Bleach ~ The Diamond Dust Rebellion Soundtrack has gotten a write up from TeenInk Magazine. The write up is a great one and ends with the following good news:

With intricate tracks suited for fast-paced moments, the “Bleach: The Diamond Dust Rebellion” soundtrack is one rebellion you’ll be glad to experience.

In other Bleach and Anime news ~

Bleach SOULs takes the 2008 Best Manga Book Readers Poll as winner, there were 11 polls with over 4000 votes ! I know my girls can not get enough of the books, meaning I need to build a new shelf for the additions I am going to be ordering. I have to get into this show, I hear way to many awesome things about the story line and I do really love Anime.

In the mood for some Anime fashions, cards or wall scrolls?

I have to get this for 18, she is insane about Urahara ~

Minotaur Shop is open and catering to the otaku culture. I admit as a mom I had to look up the word otaku ( my girls are alreayd well into their studies into the Japanese Language) and was surprised to find out that it means fan of hobby ( and now I can say I am a Jericho and beading Otaku, cool) There is SO much at this place that if your an Anime Otaku you may just go beserk!

Happy reading Bleach Fans and here is my video for tonight ~


Season 3 : Ep. 60|24:51|
Central 46 is the highest judicial body in the Soul Society. After breaking into Central 46, Captain Hitsugaya and Rangiku discover that the forty Sages and six Judges were slau...

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Watch Movies and TV Shows Online

Practically everyone we know now has an extensive DVD collection right? But as many times that I join a DVD club or swing by the Bins at the local store I never seem to remember all the movies I still want to own.

Have you or your friends been searching for how to watch free movies online but have not had any success yet, well don't give up yet. There is a way to find free movies and watch online and be part of a social service at the same time. It is a really nice concept because you can connect to other people who may like the same movies as you, you can save your favorite movies in a list and build a zone.

So you can now watch My Bloody Valentine if that is your thing ( scary movies okay, gory scary not so great for me I still get nightmares and need a light on after watching Halloween ) Or you can see the great romances of your youth, such as Sleepless in Seattle or When Harry Met Sally or You've Got Mail. All great romance movies and what better way to spend a lunch hour that with a great movie on your laptop?

I usually try out each new Social Media type application that comes out at least for a few days just in case it turns out to be as useful and fun as Twitter and Plurk but I eventually end up dropping over 80 %. MoviesPlanet is both easy to use for a new web user and fast to get up and running for the web pros. I did not have to take much time in figuring out how it worked, where the nav bar buttons I need were. Finding the movies and shows was easy, my acid test was searching out Dances With Wolves and Buffy. The whole idea is that they are a house for all the links to all the movies and tv shows out there making it easier to search them and locate them as well as watching.

This application will be a keeper and one I will be enjoying I hope for many years to come.

Bleach 343 manga

*First post in a while, Odd Numbers of Chapters eh? Well here goes something. The newish Naruto and Bleach Manga, like a half eaten birthday cake leftover in the fridge is ready to be eaten at any time so are these two chapters ^^


Bleach 343: The Gluttony

[Yammy's hand were recovered, now he participates in battle. He kills those who bully Orihime. When he about to aim Orihime, Ishida appeared and shot an arrow to Yammi's shoulder but his shoulder was too hard that the arrow couldn't go through. When Yammy turns back, Ishida already set a landmine and Yammy went boom (seems like the landmine was from Mayuri)]

*Info provided from BA's Annie & sketchbaka

Read what others discussed and join in for the next Manga at Bleach Asylum, Rea this Manga Chapter at the Following > OneManga or BleachExile and if those aren't for you go to a loverly little place called MangaFox

Thursday, January 29, 2009

Smart Girls Do Have More Fun ~ Amy Poehler CozmoTV

Everyone who ever watched Saturday Night Live knows who Amy Poehler is, she is amazingly funny in all she does but today she went up a notch with me by going all out to showcase young girls and all that makes young girls wonderful. If you want to check out what Amy has begun, check out the widget below ~ Amy Poehler's CozmoTV widget, Smart Girls at the Party!

This is a worthy endeavor, we all need to show our young ladies that they each in their own way bring what makes life awesome. I love the musical introduction - Smart Girls Have More Fun. In the second set on the widget, you are introduced to an all girl band called Care Bears on Fire, Lulu, Sophie and Izzy.
Gotta say that this band will be heard from soon because they really sound great! Amy's show lets young girls see what other girls are actually getting involved in, what they are accomplishing and lets girls see that anything they dream of doing is really possible!

As we better understand that the young in this world are really our future we will see more of the type of endeavor Amy is bringing us and I applaud Amy for being one of the first.

If you want to share this with your friends so everyone can see what CozmoTV is about, then
get your own widget here !


Thursday, January 15, 2009

News on the TV Show Jericho

I have to blast this wonderful news about Jericho that my Mom blogs about, Jericho. If you have not seen it, Jericho is the greatest show that was on CBS that got canceled , then because of all the fans hard work it was brought back to CBS and because of a shorter season than normal it was canceled due to low ratings again. Well, my mom has blogged the show since it started back in 2006, I mean she is one serious fan!

Last night in an article at iF, it was reported that Jon Turteltaub and his company will be developing the show into a movie! To say my Mom was excited is a total understatement, she and all her fellow Jericho fan friends were really really excited. I know that this news plus the Welcome Home To Jericho event in LA next April is really got all those nutty Jericho fans all happy! I am happy for my mom too, she thinks that Jericho is so important because it really teaches you about being a part of something greater than yourself, your community and family.

I liked watching the show for that reason, but also for Hawkins he is SO cool. I want to put some links here so you can watch the entire show on Youtube, but if you really want to help all the fans and the show out, please check out the show each Sunday on the CW at 7 est! As mom says, we need butts in seats infront of the TV~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

If you have your own business and need Software, don't buy it; Rent!

Getting your business up and running smoothly is all dependent on whether you have all the needed tools to further you success. One tool that almost every business out there must have is software like Quick Books and Time Management Software. But when you first start out money is usually tight and the ability to buy full versions of software can run you into the hundreds and thousands of dollars.

You must also have someone or many people to be available to help you install the software, and to help you maintain it. Unless you have time to be both the boss of your company and the leader of the IT department this is going to be a waste of time. Why not rent your necessary software?

At Phase2 International, you are presented with fully hosted saas solutions for your company. Phase2 has the needed hosted software application for your business, and they will get it up and running as well as help you maintain it. This makes the management of your business easier for you, allowing you to concentrate on your business and that means more profits and less time spent on gaining the profits.

The idea of hosting softwares is a new idea but one that is needed for small businesses as well as large. It is a time saver as well as a cost cutter and it gives you peace of mind knowing that a solid company with trained individuals are there to help you be successful.

Naruto Icons

Icons Galore

Icons Courtesy of Meh:

~Here are some neat-O Icons from the kindly people of Live Journal~
I saw these and knew that there are a bunch of Naruto Fans out there looking for the coolest new Naruto graphics (to use on forums and what not), and I though why not post some Icons?

CHUUNIN// a naruto community at Live Journal

And a New opening for Naruto! might as well put up something flashy for you guys ^.^ Enjoy

Friday, January 9, 2009

Magnext Virtual... a very cool new online game world

MagNext Virtual is the newest online game world with a totally new twist! Imagine a futuristic space theme park where you as the player are these very cool pinball type play pieces.

There are a few worlds that allow for play against others, but I am not that great at those types of games, I need lots of practice :-). It took me almost a year to learn how to play Mario. But the world I did like was the iCoaster, now this is a game that I can play and actually win!

You match the missing pieces of the roller coaster track before your ball falls off. If you miss one, it is cool because you get three chances to replace the correct match in the shape of the missing track. I really liked this arena a lot, check it out in my screenshot ~

This online game is one my youngest boy loves as he is a total fan of some of the other toys they make, such as the Dragons. He must have a couple of dozen by now. So he was very interested in this game arena and said he will be playing it this weekend. I like the online world because it is a place the children can go, play against other kids and not have to be seeing a lot of violent game play and the games make the kids think in order to participate. That is always a good thing! Another neat thing is you can get points called magz, and you can get the neatest paint jobs for your little game ball. It is a totally interactive world for kids to just have a good time playing in.

So I suggest you check Magnext Virtual out, I think you will have a lot of fun. And kids, you get extra magz if you get your friends to sign up ( with Mom and Dads permission of course) by using their email address!


Thursday, January 8, 2009

Some Bleach Updates and Brand New Naruto!

First up ~

Bleach, Naruto and DeathNote are now available in Canadian iTunes, cool.

According to Firefox News:

According to VIZ Media, there are new Naruto Shippuden manga issues coming out in the Shonen Jump magazine, starting in January, 2009. So in order to give fans a little advance action, and to rev up the enthusiasm to prepare for the new manga, five exclusive episodes of the anime, never seen before in North America, are now running - for free - on the website. The title of the story arc of these five anime episodes (Numbers 216 to 220) is The Village of Artisans. This is the arc in which Naruto begins the transition that leads to his big jump to Shippuden. The five episodes will be subtitled and uncut, and completely new to American fans.
Check it out!!!!!!!!!

New Episodes each week, starting January 15th in English Dubs. Go here to NarutoShippuden at Viz Media read all about it and watch the episodes!

And to keep up, some Bleach as well...........

Episode 1 -

&amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;lt;a href=";amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;-UNCUT"&amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;gt;Bleach 1 - SUBTITLED &amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;amp; UNCUT&amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;lt;/a&amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;gt;

Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Miss your favorite tee shirts you wore back in the 80's?

Do you remember the Ghost Busters movie? Remember how cool it was, how just plain fun it was to watch? I miss those times so much. But at least we can relive those times with some really fun tee shirts!
Check out this Ghostbusters Tee from
Crazy Dog t-shirts.
It comes to you at under $19 and right now they provide $4 shipping! I surfed around the website and found a lot of really funny shirts so if your thinking this place is limited in choices you are about to be really surprised!

Tees with graphics seemed to have gone out of style for awhile, back in the 80's we had a shirt for everything. If you were part of a sports team or a fan, you had a shirt. If you hated something you had a shirt. Now you can relive those awesome days by going and getting that favorite tee of your past and wearing it again.

For example, was Asteroids like your all time fav game? Well they have a tee for Asteroids. Remember with fondness the movie Goonies? Yep, they have that shirt as well. Or was Golden Girls your nightly watch, well then go buy a tee from Crazydog Tees and show your Golden Girl Pride.
They have Mario shirts, Miami Vice, Knight Rider I could go on and on.... but it is much more fun to just sent you on to the website so you can enjoy your ride back to the 80's or what ever your thing is. You will really be happy you found Crazydog!


Monday, December 29, 2008

Waterwheel trail

Waterwheel trail
Originally uploaded by trovatore47
Happy New Years!!!!

Okay so its a few days early, but it is nice to say it early, lets you enjoy it more. I can not believe it, 2009. I was born in the early part of the 1960's and I can clearly recall thinking in school that by the year 2000 we would all be driving hover type craft instead of cars and living in pods. I loved reading Ray Bradbury what an influence he was on young minds.

Now I am just grateful to be able to come here to my blog's and leave my thoughts and a random photograph from the great folks who post at Flickr.
This one grabbed my attention because as we come up on the new year with all things shiny and full of promise, the road in the photo seems to be full of hope as well. You do not get to see what is past the bend, but that is w hat a full life is like, you never know what is going to come up next!

I am grateful to God for all He has provided my family and I. Great friends, a warm home and all my children are in perfect health. God is truly great indeed.

I have not been very welcoming to Him on my blog's, not intentionally but rather not having been comfortable with the circumstances I have been dealing with.

I have recently come to understand the the greatest thing God has done for me is given me a place to come and praise Him for all he does. I am comforted to know that no matter what happens, He is not surprised and has already provided my way out of it.

As the new year comes may all my friends and readers know the peace of God and have the most exciting of years. May you have new experiences, tons of fun and most of all may you have joy.

God Bless

Friday, December 26, 2008

Still have people to buy for? Check out Kmart for gifts under $25

Do you still have folks coming in for the holidays? Have to get your gifts for them but have no idea what to get? I am going to send you over to Kmart because trust me they have some perfect gifts, many under 25 dollars.

Here are some ideas for last minute gifts from Kmart:

Have a person who needs a great time piece? Check out the Armitron Sports Men's watch at just $19.99. It has more functions than I can count!! Or is there a lady on your list who would love a nice set of PJ's? Well how about this sweet set , Pink K Rayon Sleepwear at just $9.99!

Have kids coming with your visitors? Kmart has the Xbox 360 Arcade System for just $199 and some awesome games to go with the system such as Mirra FreeStyle BMX 2 PH for just $9.99! The kids will be able to sit and enjoy each other and you all while having a great time.

There also tools that come under $25 like the Craftsmen 23 inch Hand Tool Box, and knowing men and their tools they are always looking for a new tool box. There are so many wonderful gifts that you can pick up for under $25 but also for many different price ranges. So if you are looking for some great gifts for that last minute guest, check out Kmart first.


Bridge to Nowhere

Bridge to Nowhere
Originally uploaded by Tony Immoos
I hope every one has a totally awesome Christmas and that Santa was able to bring everyone the Bleach item of choice!

So what did Santa bring to you? I would love to hear from you all and it would be a great way to learn what the newest fav's are with you Bleach Fans.

Okay, I was able to build on my book collection with the addition of 6 new titles! I am hoping to get my hands on some DVD's soon as well.

The turkey was good, the apple pies were good and the day itself was quite and full of peace. That is a perfect way to spend a day.

I can not believe that it is almost 2009! 5 days and counting until the New Year , I hope and pray it is the best year of our lives!

Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Bleach Episode 200!


What a Christmas! Bleach Hits 200, gets a new and totally awesome Movie, The manga is getting back to Ichigo and Ulquiorra's fight...Wow thank you Tite Kubo, best gifts ever ^_^ This week we are Hitting 200, the Episode that is, I think if we were 200, we wouldn't even be standing.....

Well, anyway beside that very weird mental image of me at 200, Heres something else to think about, Download the Episode here if you want BleachWorld.Com or check back in a while and Download it at Bleach7. And you can watch it at Anime Media or Dun, dun, dun you can watch it here > Yes at my Blog now to watch Anime you barely have to move you fingers (Wow the world is getting more and more imobile...)

Watch Bleac_200 @ [] in Anime | View More Free Videos Online at

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

The First Gift of Christmas was a Child.

Do you recall the best gift you ever got on Christmas as a child? I do, Beyer Horses. I loved horses and still do, but that year I was a young 8 year old child who had dreams of being the greatest jockey to ever ride a horse. I grew too tall but was able to work in a stable on Long Island for a bit and really got a feel for what could have been.

As an adult I have to say now that the greatest gift I can ever get on Christmas is to see my own children happy, healthy and safe every day of the year, not just on Christmas. My children mean so much to me, and to see their smiles each day is like medicine for my soul.

I often think about how I can better prepare my children for a great future, one full of love, joy and good health. I have found that many different things can be done to insure good health such as vitamins and good food and exercise. But some times there will be a reason to have a more radical move towards ensuring their good health, and stem cells are such a way. I say radical only because it is such a new process, the taking of stem cells. There is a way to take a mothers stem cells from her Menstrual cycle and bank them for future use.

This process is both safe and easy to do, as you will see from this web page at Celle. And these banked stem cells from the menstrual cycle can be used for many family members, not just your children. This process can benefit your siblings, parents and close family members. The process of collecting the cells seems to be easy to do, after joining the Celle Program you are given a Collection Kit which has all you will need to collect the cells and send them to Celle via a prepaid FedEx package. It is all discreet so no worries about the process being made public in any way.

Your stem cells will then be banked safely at Celle for your future use. What a wonderful gift to give not only yourself but family members should the need ever arise. I can think of no better way to help protect our loved ones than by using this process which is not only safe but is a sound medical practice.

What I would really love to know is how you feel about the banking of your own Menstrual Cells for future use. Do you think this may be a good way of ensuring a future protection for your family in a medical emergency? I would really love to know what you think about Stem Cell Banking with C'Elle.


Naruto Manga Chapter 429

Naruto Manga

There's a pig steamin' pile o' Manga waitin' at OneManga to be read and it won't wait forever, Yes I'm late, people are sometimes Right? Matter of fact who isn't, so lets say I'm starting a trend...


This weeks Naruto Manga is Entitled: Pain , and if you want to be caught up and not talkin' about last weeks Manga this week my "Very Late Update", is you perfect Chance and this Link to Onemanga is you Chapel.

(^ Page 08)

(Page 09 >)

And for this weeks video choice here is Episode 89 for your viewing pleasure, I love that I can embed vid's here :=) I hope you enjoy!!!!

Merry Christmas to all , and Happy New Year!!!!!

Watch Naruto Shippuden 89 English Subtitles in Anime | View More Free Videos Online at

Thursday, December 18, 2008

Oh man...... I need a vacation, what about you?

Are you currently looking out of your office cubicle and staring at endless white seas of snow? Can you just feel the drafts cutting through your bones? Dreaming of Summer but you know its months away?

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I like that at you can plan that wonderful vacation to the jamaica all inclusive resort of your choice and save a great deal as well.

I like to dream of warm blue waters and white sand beaches to just sit and regroup. I think so many of us are at the point where we just want to catch our breath, get our souls back in order. What better place to do that in that a wonderful resort such as you will find on the website. And the deals are like icing on the cake, right now you can get rates for the Super Inclusive from $89!

Go on over to the website and just peek at your future vacation, you may finally get the chance to act on your dreams!

Bleach Manga Chapter 339


Entitled: The Dea
thbringer Numbers

Its here! The latest Bleach Manga chappy, and along with revealing some very awesome details on the Espada, there is an amazing illustration of Orihime Inoue, and to read said Chapter, go to thy following- - And discuss it at some forums or lurk around and see what others say about it, like what most people do ^^ Forums: Bleach Asylum > Club Bleach

And learn more Info on this Weeks Bleach by well Reading it XD sorry I had to! The Episode mainly focuses on Yamamoto and the Three remaining Espada, numbers are revealed in this one guys, it gonna be good!

Quotes provided by Club Bleach members:
| Yamamoto tells Kira "Not yet, stretch the barrier more", the 3 girls attack Yamamoto from behind simultaniously .

Yamamoto says: "I'll finish off that spirit of yours with one hand." "With respect to that spirit, I'll finish this with fire" and takes one swing with his sword.

The 3 girls get toasted and they fall down...... |

| Shunsui: "From my deduction I think the lady over there is #3" "I wonder~ I'd be happiest if the grandpa over there was #1 and you were #2."

Stark ".....I see, sorry, I'm #1 (Primera)."

He takes off the glove on his left hand, revealing a 1 on his palm.

Shunsui: ".....after all huh. That's too bad, having a guy like you as #1.... you'll be hard to defeat, really", Shunsui grins.... |

Try a great online game that is really fun

Hey do you want to try a Fun game online? One that is Free ? Well I was introduced to a game place that is much like Gaia in that you can move about the world, play games, meet other kids and chat but it is all safe! Your parents have to sign you in of course, but this is a game world that they will really like alot!

It is called, and you can play any sport you can think of, from Basketball to Baseball to Skateboarding! The worlds are cool too. I signed up for my kids to check it out and choose the sand area ( my favorite since we come from California and there is a lot of skateboarding going on out there) and just like in Gaia you have to save up points to get stuff but the prices seem to be okay.


This is a Safe game to play because there is moderation, if you see something you are not comfortable with you can click the whistle icon on the bottom of the screen and report it to the mods! This is totally important for parents to know and it will make them feel good about the kids hanging out here.

Bottom line is, this is a neat world for us sports buffs to hang out in, meet new friends and have fun. Its a nice to see sports being integrated into online activity and this website is partnered with the, the and