Saturday, June 7, 2008

Naruto Shippuden: Manga 403 & Episode 062

Naruto Has Its Latest Stuff Out Which Includes: a New Episode And a New Manga Chapter,

Naruto Shippuden Episode 62 ,Entitled "Teammate"
"Chīmumeito" チームメイ)
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About The Episode:
Team Kakashi returns to Konoha with Sora in place of Sai and Team Asuma return too from their investigation. Naruto tries to show Sora around Konoha but Sora dissaproves and goes his own way. With Sora away, Naruto goes to look for him. He finds him having an argument with Akamaru. Sora then calls Chouji a "fatty" and a fight starts between all the guys, Rock Lee also joins the fight shortly after. Shikamaru and Asuma stop the fight. Later Asuma tells Sora he knew his father and tells him that he died for his beliefs. He shows him his chakra blade attack and Naruto and Sora's bond grows as they compete to be the first one to master it. Furido and the other body snatchers begin their attack on the Kohaku Clan.

The Latest Naruto Manga Chapter Is Out And Fully Translated To English,
This Chapter Is Entitled "Tears"
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