Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Want to give your family a gift that will they will be using a year or more from now? Check out Charter Communications Bundle Offers


Having the high speed option for Internet is wonderful, no waiting for downloads and never having to see the little hour glass turning over and over for more than ten minutes. I can take a 100 MB plus download and have it completed in literally a few moments. Time after time. There are other perks with the new bundles being offered to users of cable but you really have to be savy about what company you choose to go with.

Charter Communications is a great company, I personally had them as a Internet and Cable Carrier for about three years and I never once had a bad experience. I would never have stopped using them if they had not left my area of the state. And right now Charter is offering an awesome collection of offers, the best I have found!

Did you experience black friday? Must have been insane if you were one of those who braved the Malls, but if you want to circumvent all that walking and bumping into others why not go right to Charter Communications and get the family a gift that everyone can use and enjoy for many years to come? This really is the gift that keeps on giving.
And if you order a bundled service from Charter right now, depending on which bundle you choose you will get a gift card and a chance to win an XBox 360 as well! If you happen to want to get the Ultimate Service Bundle for $165.97 you get the following included ~

High Speed (10 Mbps High Speed) Digital TV, Charter High Def, Sports View, Digital View, Starz, HBO, Showtime, Encore, The Movie Channel and unlimited calling as well! The gift card that you get with this bundle is for $250! Sweet deal, considering you will get half that offering with other companies for the same basic price.