Friday, October 17, 2008

Baby and Mother Skin Care

Mustela caters to Babies skin care and has 55 years of experience. The Company makes many different types of skin care products such as Mineral Sunscreens for baby. Mustela also has a cream for the care of Mothers skin during her pregnancy, helping to keep your skin helathy during preganancy is great for the mind and the spirit and will be a blessing after the baby is born. Now what really interested me at the Mustela Web Site was the line of Maternity and Post Partum products like the Post Partum Body Restructuring Gel which restores the firmness to the skin by use of soy proteins. But my favorite product is the Ultimate Hydration Cream, again made with Soy it leaves the skin hydrated by sealing in water with glycerin and nourishes the skin with wheat germ oil.

I would love to be able to finally use a cream that will give me great results, as I believe the Ultimate Hydration Cream will give me. This makes this cream my favorite product from Mustela. There are many areas on this site geared just towards babies but the most useful location on the website is the Parents Corner. I can recall being such a duck out of water on so many issues back when my older children were born, the Parents Corner would have been a huge help to me. The Tips and Advice area has sections on Expecting a Baby, Have a New Baby, and New Mom. Each of these areas are so important to new and expecting parents, and Dads are just as likely to gain from this section as Moms. The last section in the Parents Corner is about Problems some children suffer from on their skin, such as eczema and the section gives practical help to parents on how to deal with the issue.


Naruto: Shippuuden Episode 080 & Naruto Manga Chapter 421

The latest Naruto Episode it out,Courtesy of Dattebayo's translation you can go and watch it or download it.For instant view-age got to AnimeMedia.Com,they always and I mean always have the latest Anime episodes [This is sounding like an advertisment......],Or if you want to download it go to they also have the latest on Naruto eps and manga.

Aaaaaand now the manga the latest manga chapter is translated and its just about time you went out and read it now start clickin' and go on to Naruto Manga Chapter 421/OneManga,or if thats not what you revere goto MangaFox or youtube even they just might have it....

Thursday, October 16, 2008

Have a Bald Head and Want to Put It To Good Use?

Are you a awesome bald man? I love bald men, some of my favorites were Capt. Picard on Star Trek The Next Gen, and of course there is Vin Disel, yum. I am always trying to get my Husband to go bald , no such luck so far.


Well, if you are a awesome bald man and want to use the swanky baldness for a great event listen up. is having a casting call this month in Los Angeles where they will pick 30 people ( adults) to be tattooed as cranial billboards! You know how you have seen cars with advertisements on them, now you may begin to see Cranial Ads, how cool is that? This event is part of Air New Zealand marketing campaign to promote life changing journeys to New Zealand.

It is so awesome to think about having a life changing journey. I had one when I was in Iran back in the late 70's. The sights, the smells, the historical culture was immense to a 16 year old kid. I will never forget my time in Iran and how it helped shaped who I became. Before I went to Iran I was not open to new experiences, nor was I cognizant of how there were people who lived not only differently than I did in the states but also of the fact that there were people who lived a harsher life than I did and yet were still able to always smile.

To see kids my own age who did not get to go to school because they were working with their families in the Bazaar or to see the maimed who had to sit on the streets and beg for food was very hard on me. But it made me more aware that I am not a transient visitor here on this planet, I am part of the machine of life and learned then and there to be a helper not a hindrance.
I think my husband would make a pretty sweet candidate for this event, but I am not making headway in talking him into it.

So if you think you might want to be a walking billboard, wearing a tattoo on your cranium, then check out the Air New Zealand Casting Call in LA this month. For more in depth information and contact info, click this link.


Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Naruto Manga Chapter 420

Narutos 420th Manga chapter,well it was released on the 10th (Naruto's Birthday) but I'm sorta late but an update is an update right-io?right.

And whats better theres an illustration with it,of all the Jinchuuriki Including Naruto and Yugito[Shes awesome right? yeah she is.]

Wanna read this weeks manga well,you probably already know where,but i'm going to tell you again anyway annoying?Yeah I know.....well got to one of the following sites>

and if you want to download this manga go to NarutoFan you'll surely find out how and where, and as always heres a little preveiw of the manga>

An All In One Web Host and Design Company

Heritage Web Solutions has a pretty impressive history business wise. The company was actually started back in Nov 2001 by one man, David Aitken with $1000, working at making Web Site Templates for customers at night with his brother. BY Dec of 2001 they had made their first sale, that in itself is a huge feat!The company continued to grow, and is expected to surpass $20 million this year.

Heritage Web Solutions is not only a Web Hosting Company, they also offer Premium, one of a kind Website Templates. They offer Logo Design, Animation, PHP Calendars, and even Galleries. They have full tech support and a fully staffed Customer Service.
The Portfolio is extensive for you to not only see the various sites they have designed but also the details for each. Each design shown has an area where if you decide you like the look, you can then email for a Custom Free Quote.

Another service they offer is having powerful D-Commerces Solutions available to their customers. As to the Web Hosting Heritage offers, they have a three tier system open to customers, Gold Silver and Bronze.Each has their own compliment of web necessities as I like to call them, such as Email, Data Transfer ( which in all three is unlimited) MS Access, and MySQl. This is by no means all they offer, this page will allow you to find a Hosting Plan that will fit your needs.

I think I will be asking about a Design for my KOME Blog as they seem to have a fresh perspective on Design, no cookie cutter themes here like you find all over the web. I also would like to see what they can do for my logo, as I am not able to use the KOME Decal as a header.