Thursday, January 29, 2009

Smart Girls Do Have More Fun ~ Amy Poehler CozmoTV

Everyone who ever watched Saturday Night Live knows who Amy Poehler is, she is amazingly funny in all she does but today she went up a notch with me by going all out to showcase young girls and all that makes young girls wonderful. If you want to check out what Amy has begun, check out the widget below ~ Amy Poehler's CozmoTV widget, Smart Girls at the Party!

This is a worthy endeavor, we all need to show our young ladies that they each in their own way bring what makes life awesome. I love the musical introduction - Smart Girls Have More Fun. In the second set on the widget, you are introduced to an all girl band called Care Bears on Fire, Lulu, Sophie and Izzy.
Gotta say that this band will be heard from soon because they really sound great! Amy's show lets young girls see what other girls are actually getting involved in, what they are accomplishing and lets girls see that anything they dream of doing is really possible!

As we better understand that the young in this world are really our future we will see more of the type of endeavor Amy is bringing us and I applaud Amy for being one of the first.

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