Saturday, November 29, 2008

Naruto Manga 426 & Bleach Manga 336


This weeks latest Manga Chapters are translated, Naruto Manga chapter 426 Entitled: "Naruto and Konoha" and Bleach Entitled: "El Verdugo".

Naruto's Manga chapter of this week can be read or downloaded at each of the following-Download it at NarutoFan ,and read it at Onemanga ,simple enough and it won't take long til your feeling the steam rise from fresh Manga and hit your face ,hmmm now I sound like an author....Awkward.

~Naruto Preview~

And as For Bleach- or as the Japanese call it Burīchi ,There is also a new fresh pile of Manga ,(What'd you think i was gonna say?), and you can or may aslo download this at NarutoFans Bleach Alternate ,BleachWorld OR BLEACH7 , Theres also Onemanga if you don't want to wait another minute to read it.

~BLEACH Preview~

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Bleach Episode 196 by Dattebayo


Bleach Episode 196
Entitled :
Joining the Battle! The Strongest Shinigami Army Appears

Drum Roll please?
The latest episode of Bleach is as of now subbed in English too, huh strange its almost like it was done just for the fans.....Wait, it was ,it all comes back now.Well this weeks Episode is downloadable and watchable ,at each of the two following places which happen to be some places I've introduced you to before ,eh coincidences huh? Well in this case its in our favor Go to BleachWorld.Com and AnimeMedia , one of 'em gotta have it right?

Now go watch and do whatever you do while you watch Anime whether its ,Texting or Playing a Pokemon gameboy video game , just watch!

Okay, about this blog....

I am hoping to get a clearer idea of what 'you' the fan would like to see on this blog, as far as content. Do you like the posts that also have videos along with the written parts? Or do you want to see more indepth posts on certain topics?

Well, I would love to hear what you want to see here, so please leave word on this blog. I will answer each one and will post a thread about what folks are asking for , or make a poll about the topics you all ask for.

Now for a video from ~
Ep 17
Ichigo fights Renji Abarai

Tuesday, November 25, 2008


Originally uploaded by whisky_long3005
Wonderful new artwork to check out , should have added this into the last post

:-) please go and leave comments for this artist!!!!

Uniforms for work are now stylish thanks to iDbyLandau

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If you happen to have a need for spa uniforms has you covered as well, with uniforms that will make your guests feel at home, not like they are in some cold institution.
The days of wearing white no matter what profession your in are over, color has invaded the business world in a big way, and no longer do employees have to suffer the embarrassment of wearing some outfit that screams small worker! No more fashion less over the shirt aprons or horrible fitting pants. Now your employees can wear clothes at work that fit not only their personality but also their body!

If you are about to purchase uniforms for your business, please check out for your needs, I am sure you will find what you are looking for.

Bleach Episode 196 RAW


' *Squee* it's Bleach '

Well good morning people who view this blog or should I say おはよう, など! well anyway you know why I'm here and its to deliver the latest Anime updates to you , and that delivery says "Bleach Episode 196 is out but unfortunately its RAW" but its pretty nifty if ya know japanese.

A--nd if your Interested in watchin' this "Episode" , even though , you could go watch Naruto again cause what point is an anime episode if you don't know what they're sayin'? (But never less its Bleach , get off you stump and go watch >.<) at our beloved Anime Media


~Like I've said previuosly ,you could just Go to Bleach world and Download it, Yes I'll say it again got to BleachWorld/ or Bleach7 its a pretty decent place~(Actually I say its more decent than disney channel and all the adds for Hannah Montanna that they show)~ if you want BLEACH anime ,sorry peoples they don't have Naruto.

Sunday, November 23, 2008

Where to buy Golf Products In Germany

There is a Golf Shop in German called Gold Academy, now the site is in German only however if you really want to see what they do offer you can use Yahoo's BabelFish translation service which is what I did.
They offer Golf Professionals to help you with your game, something a gal like myself would need to even start the game. They also carry Calloway Golf Technology which I am told is among the best in the Golf World for Clubs and such, and they also do club fitting ( important I am told if you really want your swing natural and effective) and they also make custom clubs!

These custom clubs would be a fine Christmas gift for that special golfer on your gift giving list,
They also carry all the various accoutrement's of Golf that you would expect to find in a High End Golf Pro Shop such as Bags like the Bridgestone Cart Bag Mini 2007, and shoes for him and her and even the kids! Who does not want to promote the health of their children, and golf is a splendid way to get the whole family out into the great outdoors for some quality family time. Golf I am told helps with concentration as well as providing calming effects on the mental state. I myself have seriously considered taking the game up when my kids are grown because I like activities I can do either with a group or by myself where I can get in tune with who I am. Golf just seems to afford that to the people I watch play on tv.

I know there are many Americans who live and work in Germany and who also love Golf, this would be a perfect way to maybe ship a gift to a family member in Germany or buy for yourself. Help start a family member on the road to a great activity, even if you are in the US. Check the website out, use Bablefish Translation to help you translate the page and find some really good deals and products.

Shippuuden Episode 085 by Dattebayo & Bleach Manga Chapter 335


Naruto Shippuden Episode 85 , Entitled: The Terrible Secret - (Sounds a little like an American movie...?)

This is the newest, au courant, Cutting edge, Just Out, recent and every other word that means "new" or something similar, Shippuden Episode out and ready to watch for your viewing pleasure,If you want to watch it go to Anime Media.Com or if ya want to know more about it and Download go to ,Which by the way looks completely different than it used to.

and while your at it You can check out the Info on the Manga and download this weeks Naruto Chapter,Or just read it on OneManga.Com

Check out a Preview of the Manga in this Link Manga Preview (Not that hard to Notice Eh?)