Thursday, June 12, 2008

Save Jericho Again TV Commercial!

My Mom is a Jericho Nut, she has been working with the other Jericho fans for over a year now on saving Jericho a awesome show that was canceled, then saved and then canceled again by CBS. The fans are trying to get a new network to take Jericho, and show CBS how really dumb they were for canceling it again! Check this commercial out, its sooooo coooool! It was made by a Jericho Fan named RubberPoultry and even has Brad Beyer doing the voice part! This commercial was paid for by all the fans of Jericho and will be on TV in the LA area, on the SciFi channel, the History Channel and even the Discovery Channel!

If you love it, please vote for it at You Tube ok? Here is the link -