Thursday, February 5, 2009

Are you a parent looking for a safe place online for your little ones to play at?

Our little ones want to be like the big kids who get to play games online, but as parents we can not allow them to get into the XBox crowd. The language issue is a big problem for me, and the t hings that people talk about while playing, holy cow.But there is a place where you can go and sign your little ones up where they can play awesome games on line that are not little kid like.

MagNext is a virtual world where you can race your cars, go on super cool roller coasters and have great fun all the while really working hard at winning the games.

The sign up process is easy with an existing email. You as the parent get all the help files you need but its easy enough for the kids to pick up in the play department so you do not have to baby sit them while they play.

You can challenge other users in a Gladiator like combat, the world is colorful and kind of alien like which kids love. I liked the area where you can race your cars .. and you earn points each time you successfully complete a level.

Here is a screen shot to show you just what is in this wonderful world ~

If you have little ones who just want to be like their big brothers and sisters then take them to Magnext and turn them loose on the gaming world in safety! They and you will love it.


New finds for Bleach

Have you checked out Youtube for anime videos with music from bands like KORN? There are alot of very talented folks out there making some of the Hollyweird folks look like they are standing still in their art.
And the music from the shows themselves are rocking as well. Bleach ~ The Diamond Dust Rebellion Soundtrack has gotten a write up from TeenInk Magazine. The write up is a great one and ends with the following good news:

With intricate tracks suited for fast-paced moments, the “Bleach: The Diamond Dust Rebellion” soundtrack is one rebellion you’ll be glad to experience.

In other Bleach and Anime news ~

Bleach SOULs takes the 2008 Best Manga Book Readers Poll as winner, there were 11 polls with over 4000 votes ! I know my girls can not get enough of the books, meaning I need to build a new shelf for the additions I am going to be ordering. I have to get into this show, I hear way to many awesome things about the story line and I do really love Anime.

In the mood for some Anime fashions, cards or wall scrolls?

I have to get this for 18, she is insane about Urahara ~

Minotaur Shop is open and catering to the otaku culture. I admit as a mom I had to look up the word otaku ( my girls are alreayd well into their studies into the Japanese Language) and was surprised to find out that it means fan of hobby ( and now I can say I am a Jericho and beading Otaku, cool) There is SO much at this place that if your an Anime Otaku you may just go beserk!

Happy reading Bleach Fans and here is my video for tonight ~


Season 3 : Ep. 60|24:51|
Central 46 is the highest judicial body in the Soul Society. After breaking into Central 46, Captain Hitsugaya and Rangiku discover that the forty Sages and six Judges were slau...

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Watch Movies and TV Shows Online

Practically everyone we know now has an extensive DVD collection right? But as many times that I join a DVD club or swing by the Bins at the local store I never seem to remember all the movies I still want to own.

Have you or your friends been searching for how to watch free movies online but have not had any success yet, well don't give up yet. There is a way to find free movies and watch online and be part of a social service at the same time. It is a really nice concept because you can connect to other people who may like the same movies as you, you can save your favorite movies in a list and build a zone.

So you can now watch My Bloody Valentine if that is your thing ( scary movies okay, gory scary not so great for me I still get nightmares and need a light on after watching Halloween ) Or you can see the great romances of your youth, such as Sleepless in Seattle or When Harry Met Sally or You've Got Mail. All great romance movies and what better way to spend a lunch hour that with a great movie on your laptop?

I usually try out each new Social Media type application that comes out at least for a few days just in case it turns out to be as useful and fun as Twitter and Plurk but I eventually end up dropping over 80 %. MoviesPlanet is both easy to use for a new web user and fast to get up and running for the web pros. I did not have to take much time in figuring out how it worked, where the nav bar buttons I need were. Finding the movies and shows was easy, my acid test was searching out Dances With Wolves and Buffy. The whole idea is that they are a house for all the links to all the movies and tv shows out there making it easier to search them and locate them as well as watching.

This application will be a keeper and one I will be enjoying I hope for many years to come.

Bleach 343 manga

*First post in a while, Odd Numbers of Chapters eh? Well here goes something. The newish Naruto and Bleach Manga, like a half eaten birthday cake leftover in the fridge is ready to be eaten at any time so are these two chapters ^^


Bleach 343: The Gluttony

[Yammy's hand were recovered, now he participates in battle. He kills those who bully Orihime. When he about to aim Orihime, Ishida appeared and shot an arrow to Yammi's shoulder but his shoulder was too hard that the arrow couldn't go through. When Yammy turns back, Ishida already set a landmine and Yammy went boom (seems like the landmine was from Mayuri)]

*Info provided from BA's Annie & sketchbaka

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