Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Watch Movies and TV Shows Online

Practically everyone we know now has an extensive DVD collection right? But as many times that I join a DVD club or swing by the Bins at the local store I never seem to remember all the movies I still want to own.

Have you or your friends been searching for how to watch free movies online but have not had any success yet, well don't give up yet. There is a way to find free movies and watch online and be part of a social service at the same time. It is a really nice concept because you can connect to other people who may like the same movies as you, you can save your favorite movies in a list and build a zone.

So you can now watch My Bloody Valentine if that is your thing ( scary movies okay, gory scary not so great for me I still get nightmares and need a light on after watching Halloween ) Or you can see the great romances of your youth, such as Sleepless in Seattle or When Harry Met Sally or You've Got Mail. All great romance movies and what better way to spend a lunch hour that with a great movie on your laptop?

I usually try out each new Social Media type application that comes out at least for a few days just in case it turns out to be as useful and fun as Twitter and Plurk but I eventually end up dropping over 80 %. MoviesPlanet is both easy to use for a new web user and fast to get up and running for the web pros. I did not have to take much time in figuring out how it worked, where the nav bar buttons I need were. Finding the movies and shows was easy, my acid test was searching out Dances With Wolves and Buffy. The whole idea is that they are a house for all the links to all the movies and tv shows out there making it easier to search them and locate them as well as watching.

This application will be a keeper and one I will be enjoying I hope for many years to come.

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