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New Site Found ~ A Product of Wasted Time

A Product of Wasted Time is a blog for Anime and Manga.
From a post on Oct 10th ~

Bleach 329, Naruto 420, & One Piece 518

From the match-ups, it looks like Rangiku might be in for the toughest fight since it's a 1 on 3 handicap. We never really seen what Rangiku's shikai can do, although we know that she has defeated Kira before, so she's definitely not weak. Omaeda also could have trouble since he seems to be pretty weak (didn't Ichigo knock him out with one punch during the Soul Society arc?). Hitsugaya is a fan favourite, but he's not really that strong when compared to the other captains, and Halibel is one of the top three Espada, so I would say that Halibel has the advantage in this match up.

To read the rest, click here!

And my video choice from ~ Ichigo Becomes a Hollow!

A Computer With Out Windows Or Gates, Possible?

I am a die hard Linux user, will never go back to using Windows unless I am given the same freedoms I have now with Linux. I know many folks who have Windows Vista and love it, but many who have had huge issues with drivers, hard disk copies and such who would love to jump about the Linux or Mac ship.
I myself would definitely use a Mac if I could afford one, they have the most outstanding graphics programs I have seen. But is the switch from a Windows Computer to a Mac as scary as it sounds? I found an article that talks about making the switch with our personal computers from Windows to Macs that has a few tips to make the transition a bit easier.
Also on this blog is an article that talks about the computer timeline and the history of the computer. The article shows how the computer has gone from being massive, room sized monster machines, to what we now have sitting on our desks. Did you know that the technology has now become so affordable that 62 % of the people in the US now own computers? In 21 years the personal computer has now become something the nearly 190 million people can have one.
Pretty cool article, check it out.

Friday, October 10, 2008

うずまき ナルト, Uzumaki Naruto

Uzumaki Naruto

Age: 15
Sex: Male
Birthday: 10/10
Bloodtype: B
Height: 147.5 cm (Pt 1)
Weight: 40.6 kg (Pt 1)

First Anime and Manga apperance-Chapter 001 & Episode 001

Naruto Uzumaki the show Naruto's main character,the story started with him and continues to revolve around him and his friends,and fellow Ninja and rolls out to be about Naruto retreiving a lost friend and stopping a group known as the akatsuki.

As the series started we saw the mysterious Fourth Hokage defeat the Nine-Tailed Fox Demon in order to save the people of the village Konoha in order to do so he sealed the beast away within the boy Naruto Uzumaki,WHo we eventually learned to be The Fourth Hakage or Minato Namikaze's Son.

later in the series in a quest to stop Orochimaru Sasuke Left Konoha to gain strength in order to defeat his brother and attain revenge for his family.the day Sasuke left Naruto vowed to bring him back and in the current sereis has yet to do so....many more adventures or mishaps are yet to happen to the boy before he acomplishes his dream to become Hokage of Konohagakure....

Naruto's Team/Team 7

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Not All Medications are Best - Seek Info Before From a Good Company

If you are in the market for Viagra or other medications and you live outside the US then you can always check with Ajanta Pharma in India. They have an alternative to Viagra called Kamagra which is a generic version.

Kamagra comes in 100 mg tablets, a oral jelly in mint flavor as well as orange and Banana. This oral jelly offers a faster response time for the medication in a persons system.

The Kamagra Tablets are made by Ajanta Pharma in clean facilities and they guarantee the medication to be well made. These are for users who already take Nitrate based medications, but please be careful and speak to your doctor before taking any medications.

They also offer one week multi packs, which contain 100 mg of Oral Jelly packages, in pineapple, orange, strawberry, banana, butterscotch and even black currant ! Talk about many varieties to choose from!

Kamagra UK now has been in business since 2003 , there is no need for any membership and they give a full money back guarantee. They also offer 128 bit secure ordering on the website. SO if you are in the UK and are seeking more information on Viagra and generic forms of Viagra, check out Kamagranow.

Project Cosplay & Day at the Bleach

I am just finding all sorts of awesome stuff for Naruto and Bleach~ check out this Flickr group:

Project Cosplay Supplemental Remix's photostream

and also Day at The Bleach ~

You will really like these photos, I would love to know more about them. They have a myspace page and the address is!


Coffee, Wonderful Coffee

Coffee I believe in my heart, was given to man as a food straight from Heaven. Nothing compares to that first steaming cup in the morning. But not every coffee is soothing to my soul, only the best taste will do. And taste comes from the best beans and the best roasting process.
At Intelligentsia coffee wholesalers you can find some of the very best of this wonderful planets coffees for sale. Roasts such as Black Cat, a coffee with the tastes of dried fruit, caramel and hints of fresh cherries as well as bakers chocolate, yum. Another interesting blend is the El Otono Blend, a blend that has the hints of stone fruits, white grapes and Swiss Chocolate, makes me want a pot right now.
Intelligentsia are wholesale coffee roasters , who have such attention to detail in each blend they roast. They are located in Chicago and have public tours if you are in the area. I think that a tour of the facilities would be awesome, imagine having all those glorious smells around you.
So if you are seeking cheap bulk coffee beans or Ground Beans, Intelligentsia is the place to start your search. The costs are right, there are gifts and even teas so you have something for everyone.

More New Sites For Naruto and Bleach

In my never ending search for Naruto and Bleach Sites I found the following at Stumbleupon:

Cosplay - here you can find all the Naruto Costumes you could ever want! Also , of course all the Final Fantasy , Bleach!

And did you know you can even have these costumes made, here is a ebay site for you to go and order some awesome costumes made to order!

here is a page from Stumbleupon for Bleach Sites and Videos ~

I found a Interview with Kyle Hebert at the site AnimeReviewed.

And lastly, a great review with screen shots of Ninja Storm at WorthPlaying and a post on Naruto: Clash of Ninja Revolution 2.


Learning New Words Rock With The Readers Digest Word Power Widget

Have you ever wanted to have more power in your conversations? Has there been people in your life who just baffle you with the words they use? Well, one way to combat that is to bring your Vocabulary up a bit. You can do that without having to have a Vocabulary Text book, you can use a daily word widget from
With one of the many fun widgets you can download at Readers you can improve your vocabulary, get some Daily Laughs or even take your photographs and make them in to a entertaining image.
I choose the Word Power widget to download because I have always loved words, loved to learn new words. So now each day on my blog I can play a few rounds of Word Power and have fun while improving my vocabulary and making my mind stronger.
There is also a tool bar down load for those who have the extreme urge to get new information on just about anything, and its available for both Internet Explorer and Mozilla FireFox.
I would love to know who else has downloaded the Word Power Widget, maybe we can all get together and compare our scores.
If you want to get these cool widgets, just go to RD Laughs Main and download a few Widgets.


Wil Wheaton Doing Voice For Naruto Character

News From Naruto land ~

Seems Wil Wheaton of Star Trek The Next Generation Fame will be doing one of the character voices on Naruto, but which character is not announced yet. Here is his post about this and I originally found the story at Trekweb here .

Pretty cool that he will be working on Naruto :-) I loved him on Star Trek ~

Also, from there is a review for the Naruto Uncut Box Set 10 Limited Edition :

Every time I think the show couldn’t get any better, it proves me wrong. The final battle between the Leaf genin and the Sound Ninja Four reaches new heights of thrilling and suspenseful battle in the latest arc of Naruto.

Each of the remaining Leaf genin – Shikamaru, Naruto, and Kiba must face one of the terrible Sound Ninja Four. Each is failing. Each is facing certain death. That’s when the first of two things happen. The first is that Naruto, who is facing the deadliest Sound ninja of them all, the strange Kimimaro, gets help from the most unlikely source – Rock Lee! Only just recovered from his surgery, Rock Lee faces Kimimaro to allow Naruto to continue his pursuit of Sasuke, Sasuke who has emerged from the coffin a changed young man. The battle between Rock Lee and Kimimaro holds unexpected and hilarious humor when Tsunade’s special elixir has a surprising effect on Rock Lee. His drunken fist is something all fans have got to see. Despite the humor however, the fight turns deadly. Soon each of the Leaf is shown with their backs to the wall and their lives about to be lost. That is when the second thing happens which makes episode 124 my personal and absolute favorite of the entire anime series so far. The animation does a beautiful sequence of transitions of the Leaf having the cavalry come in the nick of time and the cavalry are the Sand Village Ninja! It is the return of Temari, Kankuro and Gaara! The suspense has never been higher and the whole sequence is stupendous.

Read more here

And now for my daily Hulu choice ~ The Weapons Known as Shinobi:

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Buying Online ~ A Blessing and A Curse

Who has not bought something online in this day and age? And who has not been burned? I have to say that so far my experience has been 90-10 good. But there is that 10% that was such a bad experience.

My biggest online buying time of year is Christmas, I am thinking that is true for most folks. But I also buy online for my office needs through out the year, as well as for all my beading needs. I had one bad experience last Christmas when I with my Mom bought a Transformer Toy for one of my boys. The Website description clearly stated a size to the toy, but when we got the toy home, it was not even close to the toy described. It was a hard pill to swallow that to send it back would have cost me more than keeping it.


How about if there was a way to not have to have those kinds of experiences? Well there is, with buySafe. buySAFE is a Shopping Advisor , a tool used on line to make shopping on the Internet more secure. You buy your items via the BuySafe portal and each purchase is protected with a guareentee Bond of up to $25,000. Your Identity is also safe from theft with BuySafe.
This service is free to the customer and even gives ratings on many online Stores such as Ebay, Yahoo and Google. This year I and my family will be checking out buySafe for our Holiday purchases.


New Sites Found ~ Japanator and Giapet

Here are two new sites I found while trolling for Bleach info:

The first is Japanator where we found the following info from the Comic Con this year *2008*:

Tite Kubo panel at San Diago Comic Con rightfully named Tite Kubo Spotlight. First things first, he was awarded with the Comic-Con Inkpot Award for Comic Book Excellence, which in the past was awarded to Kubo’s predecessor Osamu Tezuka; hurray.
And further down we read ~
He stated that the biggest factor behind Bleach’s creation was that he wanted to draw shinigami in kimono, and that he started this concept with Rukia’s design. According to him, the characters come first in the creation process, and story comes second. He designs his characters clothing off of clothes he wishes were in existence, but aren’t. Also, we have some good news: Kubo will do a back story for Isshin, Ichigo’s father;
Read the rest of this story here!!!!

Japanator is a AWESOME site!!!!!

The other website I found, thanks to Japanator is Giapet ~a geek by any other name where the author writes a perfect post on Comic Con and how Kubo-sensei, won an award at Comic Con.
Great reading Bleach and Anime/Manga Fans!!!
I will keep finding these new sites to list here for both Bleach and Naruto.

And you can also check out where you can get and embed full episodes right in your website ~

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Is there a Diet Pill That Actually Works?

In the rush to lose weight I have tried everything out there, wacky food diets, starving myself ( yes I know, not good to do and it wont work anyway because I just get freaking hungry and eat in a day) I have even worked out until I can't anymore. I have to say that 5 years ago working out was a truly effective way to lose and control my weight, now I am older and it is not working well for me. I need some additional help in this war on Weight. What I need right now is help from some aids, such as Diet Pills

I have found a company that has some helpful new products I have never heard of before. TheOnlineClinic is a company that helps people with Prescription Medications and consultations.
One such product is Acomplia. It is geared at folks who have a need to reduce not only the weight, but the belly fat . That is my biggest issue right now, belly fat. I have no idea where it came from but I do in fact hate it.

They have another medication, Reductil ; which helps with the feeling of being full with less food. I also hate that even though I know I should not be eating that much food its as if I am ravenous all the time and need it. I know I do not, and would love to be able to have something to help with the feeling of being full.

I hope that I can find that perfect match of working out and eating less and it seems that there are some new products that might be helpful to me, I will be checking them out.

Naruto: Ultimate Ninja Storm

"The No.1 Head-to-Head Fighting game franchise based on Naruto arrives on PLAYSTATION®3 for the first time to reign supreme in the next generation of video gaming."

And it will, Actually it already has!

The Naruto Video Game for Playstation 3,This Game is not yet released the date is set for fall of this Year,which means it should be out anytime now!

^For more Info on this game, the characters and a gallery of screen shots got to^

The starting characters of the video game are of course Naruto,Sasuke,Kakashi and Sakura ,the rest of the Characters are sealed.

To see the way this game looks and plays you can view a trailer at PlayStation.Com
and some screen shots of characters and the way they designed the villiage,and Ultimately it looks amazing, The characters are great looking and the leaf village looks great too!

Screen Shots:

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If You Are Looking to Get A Great Internet, Phone, and Cable Bundle Check out Charter And You May Even Win A Car!

These days getting a great cable, Internet and Phone Bundle is the best way to go. You bundle your services, but the hardest part now is finding out who provides great service at a great price. Right now if you go to Charter you can not only save money with their offered bundles you can also enter to win a Hybrid Car, so you get to save your green in your wallet and go green with a great car.

The offers for Charter Service are wonderful to be sure, with a price range for all three services at 99.97 per month. What do your services cost you now, I know mine is much higher than that. The car you will be able to enter to win is a 2009 Honda Civic Hybrid, that gets as much as 45 mpg and comes with a very impressive sound system as well. That is important, got to have the tunes while driving.
So if you want to get a great set of services all in one bundle and enter to win a awesome car that will help us all with the environment, then go to Charter and register today, no purchase is needed to enter to win the Honda. Here is the web page with the Contest Rules.


Naruto Shippuden:Episode 78-79 ,Manga Chapter 419

Naruto's Latest Updates Episode special 78 and 79 ,How Lucky eh?well If you wish to Watch these latest episodes stroll on over to,and click the latest naruto its as easy a 1,2,3 right?Right


The Latest Manga chapter,419th chapter you can read this at one of two places or two of both or .
both of one,well you get you have a couple choices

Onemanga, BleachExile