Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Coffee, Wonderful Coffee

Coffee I believe in my heart, was given to man as a food straight from Heaven. Nothing compares to that first steaming cup in the morning. But not every coffee is soothing to my soul, only the best taste will do. And taste comes from the best beans and the best roasting process.
At Intelligentsia coffee wholesalers you can find some of the very best of this wonderful planets coffees for sale. Roasts such as Black Cat, a coffee with the tastes of dried fruit, caramel and hints of fresh cherries as well as bakers chocolate, yum. Another interesting blend is the El Otono Blend, a blend that has the hints of stone fruits, white grapes and Swiss Chocolate, makes me want a pot right now.
Intelligentsia are wholesale coffee roasters , who have such attention to detail in each blend they roast. They are located in Chicago and have public tours if you are in the area. I think that a tour of the facilities would be awesome, imagine having all those glorious smells around you.
So if you are seeking cheap bulk coffee beans or Ground Beans, Intelligentsia is the place to start your search. The costs are right, there are gifts and even teas so you have something for everyone.

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