Friday, May 8, 2009

It is Be Kind to Animals Week May 3rd through 9th

-1Our family are huge animal loveres, we save all that cross our paths from kittens and puppies to turtles. If it is lost or needs a home we take it in, One of the worse things in the world to my kids is to know that a pet is lost and not  able to find its way home.

At the Home Again Web Site, the microchip program will allow you to keep your pets safe and keep them from ever  getting lost and not come home. And right now HomeAgain is donating $1 to for every single pet you place into their program at HomeAgain.

Be kind to your pets, get them into the microchip program, its perfect because with the microchip your animal can not lose the ID, nor will it be able to be removed. is a fund raising website that has all the top pet suppliers and any purchases that are made through the website helps fund food for animal shelters as well as any medical care needed for the babies. The animal shelters need this type of support from us very m uch. The HomeAgain has recovered more than 500,000 pets. The Home Again website is a fundraising Web site specifically created to help shelter animals and has helped recover more than 500,000 lost pets.

Naruto Manga chapter 446

 Bleach Spread Special - Renji Abarai ~
Naruto Manga - Entitled I  just  wanted  to  Protect  Them <> Chap. 446
After a week of Nothing we finally reach the new week when Golden Week in Japan is over, what kind of holiday deprives Anime fans their weekly dose?

The Naruto Manga Chapter is out, evrywhere I'm sure, being translated or having been already long ago, but my pount is (and its A good one...) That you or anyone really can go read it now, right this moment, but spoiler Alert > We're still in Nagato's flashback, so as you could tell it will be all talk and Zip Action T.T

Naruto Page 1, B and C