Friday, November 21, 2008

Layaway, Mom's and Dad's Best Friend This Christmas

With the way our economy is right now, dips in the Real Estate Market, and other avenues of income are being strangled by all this downturn activity Christmas is going to be tight for almost everyone. What we need is a way to get Christmas items for our families without placing them on our credit cards, but how? Well, now you can do this by using layaway at Kmart!
Here is how it works, you go to the store and choose the items you want to place on layaway, almost every item in the store is available for layaway except Computers, Alcohol Products, food, plants and cell phones. Also, any items that are of a chemical nature can not be placed on lay away ( because they have to be stored properly I am sure this is for safety reasons).
But this still leaves so many awesome gift ideas available to choose from such as Televisions and game systems and clothes.
So after you have made all your purchases, instead of going to the register to pay you will take the items to the Layaway section of the store, usually it is in the Customer Service Department.

You will need to have a State ID card or Drivers License so they can place you into their system, and who ever places the items on layaway is the person who must be there to take the layaway out.

After you register for the system they will ring up your items and give you the total. You will then either pay the lay away filing fee of $5 or ten% of the total of the layaway, which ever is greater. After that your due payments will be 25% of the balance due every two weeks. You can pay with check or credit card or cash of course.

Kmart Layaway for the Holidays is so simple and costs you far less than it would if you were to place a large total on your credit cards. And we still have 5 weeks before Christmas so that means your stress free as well. I hate having the stress of how to pay for Christmas gifts ruining the most joyous of seasons.

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Bleach News Update ~

News on the Anime Front

Viz Media is about to start a deal with Microsoft to allow digital Distribution of two of their hits, Death Note and Bleach on the XBOX 360! See original post @ IGN.

Both have high rankings on Adult Swim and carry along a huge amount of merchandise so bringing the shows to the 360 is a good move on Viz Medias part. Shopping from home on the net means more sales especially as the weather gets colder here in the north.
This move is an extension of Viz Medias move to have Naruto as a download on the 360 last year. You will be able to access the full 37 episode Death Note Series and episodes 1 through 41 of Bleach, and the cost of the epsidoes will be $1.99.

In other Anime news, there is a new club in Murretia California , the Anime Club which is for teens who are also fans of Anime art and they will meet once a month in the Murrieta Public Library to see Anime Films as well as draw their own versions of Anime Heros and Heroines. I am grateful to see this and hope this will expand across the US, what do you think? Have a idea for an Anime Club for your town or city, maybe you can call your local library and show them this article and who knows... maybe you will get to start an Anime Club for your town!

Here is a review of Ghost Slayers Ayashi Vol 1 and it highlights a bit of discussion on what series were Manga first and which were anime first and then went to Manga.

And for todays choice of Art or video, I am placing a awesome bit of Fan art work from
The ~ Gotta remember the fan art, its as good as what we see on the screen, some is even better.
and this one also ~ because it made me feel happy and also sad at the same time. Both photos are links back to their original homes at
Many thanks to the artists who grace us with their talents, may they go on to bigger things in the future.

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Real Estate Market is prime for buyers you just need to know where to look

VA real estate is hot right now as markets go. There is a booming work force from what my friends tell me, jobs are there. That means that the Real Estate market is going to hopefully go back up soon. This means if your in the market for Real Estate in that state, you need to know where to look for the great deals.

At there are some really neat web based tools to search for homes that let you have the freedoms of doing it from the comfort of your home without dealing with a Realtor. One of these tools is the search that uses Google Maps called, and these Google maps is not like your old paper maps of old. The searches with this tool are so neat, you get so many hits to see.
After you locate an area where you wish to see more home info on, you can email and they will send you the listings!

This site is really nice compared to other Real Estate web sites available today so if your searching for your next home in the Virginia area, why not check out, you will really like the freedom and great deals you will find with them.

Awesome Review of Bleach Series 2 - Part 2 @ DVD Times

I just love it when I find new websites that cover Bleach! Today I post on a review about Bleach Series 2 Part 2 from DVD Times.

This review is full of details, photographs and well written thoughts on the series. It is great to find sites that are all full of love about Bleach and it's characters but we also need to have websites and blogs who are there to give us the raw and uncensored views. This keeps the series serious in the Anime field.

One day I truly believe that Anime in general will be ranked up with the Sci Fi Series and taken far more seriously than it is right now. The art work is a great testament to how many people are moving to make this genre a full fledged socially acceptable genre to the public at large.

The review at DVDTimes has all the bases covered so that those who are not fully into the show yet can see what is included in the DVD set, I can not wait to get mine!
Also I loved the side bar they have for Bleach Posters from, some great selections to be had!!!

Have you ever wondered how a Waste Management Co keeps the business of Waste running smoothly?

It has to be with some great software. I love when I see new software even if it is concerning a business I do not know much about. And Waste Management is so important, especially in my area. We have many areas here that are fully untouched nature areas, but in our counties our waste management centers are near these nature areas. We need to know as citizens that all is running smoothly and I think this software will be helpful to any waste management company.
Waste Works Software from Carolina Software is a full on help system for Waste Management Companies to help with billing of customers which is such a large part of the business, so if there is a way to get the extra help this is great.

Some of the various agencies who are using this software for solid waste management are the the cities of Dallas Texas and Nantucket Massachusetts as well as the county of New Hanover North Carolina.

I very much hope that the state of Kentucky looks into this software because we need an over haul of our systems here and we need to step into the 21st century!

Evening in Rockcastle County Kentucky

Originally uploaded by kystorms
This photo was taken at sunset after a rainy day, the clouds do what they always do in the fall and winter, put on an amazing display.

I love when I get the chance to grab these shots. If not for my son I would have missed this one though, he is so great... calls me MOM! so I wont miss even the smallest display.

You see evening skies like this and just feel that all things are possible, no matter how outlandish, no matter how far out of reach to you they seem. All you have to do is have faith.

I am so blessed right now, great friends, blogs to talk on about things I love... life is rocky but I see so many possibilities just waiting for me, for you!

thank you so much to all my readers here, and please I very much would love to have discussions here, so leave comments. That is what this blog is really for, discussions between friends.

God Bless~

Tuesday, November 18, 2008 has all the historical Cars you are looking.

Have you ever been driving down the highway and been passed by some beautiful car of the past, and wondered how the car still looked so perfect? Well, there are people out there who buy the cars of our youth, and fix them up with love. Then they list them in various muscle car classifieds like

When someone wants to buy muscle car they can either do an extensive list search via Google and end up with massive hits but not the kind that is helpful. The searches almost always are either private sales posts made way back in time or just off a blog or website. While those might be helpful in general research on the cars, if your buying or selling you want a website that is only for that purpose. That is what is about, just buying and selling.
They are so much more though, because with each car listing you get to see many photographs that are detailed in information on the engines, exterior and interior.

So if you are either about to sell muscle car or you are about to look for your perfect car from your youth check out and you will be so happy you did! Happy Hunting.

BLEACH : Fade to Black (I Call out Your Name)

Fade to Black-Bleach's Latest Film , and their biggest! Fade to Black is the Newest edition to Two other Bleach movies ,Theres alot of talk going on about this movie and also a lot of trailers being released ,and there are some discussions going on in some select Bleach Forums

and if you can read Japanese heres the Official web site, it has some nifty trailers and great art for the Movie, also information on the Story, The Cast & just plain ol' Information for the movie.

BLEACH/ Fade To Black

The Movie as you probably saw if you veiwed the link is set to preimere in JAPANESE (I know what a shame if only we all lived in Japan) theaters on December 13th 2008> So buy ticket before that date fly to Japan and watch the movie ,and if we're being realistic wait until Dattebayo subs it, If we waited for the Naruto Shippuden Movie we can wait for this.

20Q 081101 BLEACH the movie Fade To Black CM

Alternative title:
BLEACH Fade to Black 君の名を呼ぶ (Japanese)
Bleach: Fade to Black - I Call Your Name

Vintage: 2008-12-13
Premiere date:
2008-12-13 (Japan)

Ending Theme:
"Koyoi, Tsuki wa Miesu tomo" by Porno Graffitti

Japanese Staff

Director: Noriyuki Abe Screenplay: Natsuko Takahashi Music: Shiro Sagisu Original creator: Kubotite Character Design: Masashi Kudo

Scan 001

Scan 002

Scan 003

Scan 004

Monday, November 17, 2008

Time for new eyeglasses but don't want to pay alot?

Are you looking for new eye glasses but do not want the hassle of going to the Malls now that Holiday Shopping has started in earnest? And is the thought of paying a ton of money at this time of year just not what you want to do? Well, there is a online store called that has a large selection of eye glasses to choose from and all at a good range of prices.
I myself tend to like the lighter frames with no rims, and I did find a nice pair at only $15 which would fit my budget nicely. I am not the type to want a heavy or super stylish set as styles change so rapidly these days. Nice silver or black metal frames will go with everything you wear. offers free worldwide shipping with delivery within one week which is great and there are many satisfied customer statements to read at the site, so you will be able to see first hand how they handle customer service and what value their products are.

When you find a company that elicits this type of customer happiness with not only product by service you would do well to check them out.