Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Awesome Review of Bleach Series 2 - Part 2 @ DVD Times

I just love it when I find new websites that cover Bleach! Today I post on a review about Bleach Series 2 Part 2 from DVD Times.

This review is full of details, photographs and well written thoughts on the series. It is great to find sites that are all full of love about Bleach and it's characters but we also need to have websites and blogs who are there to give us the raw and uncensored views. This keeps the series serious in the Anime field.

One day I truly believe that Anime in general will be ranked up with the Sci Fi Series and taken far more seriously than it is right now. The art work is a great testament to how many people are moving to make this genre a full fledged socially acceptable genre to the public at large.

The review at DVDTimes has all the bases covered so that those who are not fully into the show yet can see what is included in the DVD set, I can not wait to get mine!
Also I loved the side bar they have for Bleach Posters from, some great selections to be had!!!

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