Friday, October 31, 2008

Finding Diamond Jewelry For That Special Someone

Christmas is right around the corner, it is only 54 shopping days left ...argh! If you are like me, you wait for the best price right? Well sometimes for items such as Jewelry it is not always wise to wait until the last moment. With Diamond Jewelry you will find better prices and better quality stones if you begin your shopping now.
At BlueNile you can shop from the comfort of your home when you want to, no hassling with crowds at some mall. You can go right to the store website and begin looking at some of the most beautiful Diamond Jewelry out on the market today.

If you are looking for Diamond Earrings then be prepared to view so many awesome styles that it will be hard to choose. But never fear, there are people at BlueNile who will help you along the way, helping you to choose the best diamonds and settings that will fit any budget. And we all know that choosing the right diamond is the basis for a ring or earrings or bracelet that will be a lifetime of wonderful memories.

Right now in the jewelry market, necklaces have been making a huge return to fashion. The newest style is called the Infinity Necklace and there is a Infinity Heart Necklace in Diamonds that will make any girl swoon.
BlueNile will be able to help you from start to finish in your shopping, they have a sales staff that are well versed in Diamonds and jewelry so you can feel comfortable shopping for this most wonderful of gifts. And remember they have free shipping as well.

Various Bleach Items @ Ebay

Bleach: Kurosaki Ichigo
Originally uploaded by احمد
This is a sweet vector I found @ Flickr.
Thought I would post about some Bleach Items for sale on Ebay tonight since it is Halloween and a time to be chilling in front of the tube.

Okay first up ~
New Bleach Box Set ( Vol. 1-21)
The selection is $84.85 buy now price, which is really great.

The other item I found interesting is this sword, which is $34.95 buy now price :

40" BLEACH Ichigo's Tensa Zangetsu katana Sword *NEW*

I love checking out Ebay, there is always great items at great prices!

Last one for tonight on Ebay ~
Bleach Movie Soundtrack - Memories of Nobody
@21.38 to buy now.
I think I will make this a regular weekly addition, finding the best of the Ebay sales to list here.
I will seek them out so you don't have to ~

Peace :-)

Thursday, October 30, 2008

Buying Your Wedding Rings should be part of the happy memories your making.

After the reading I did the other night about Engagement Rings at BlueNile I kept on reading on how important Wedding rings are and let me tell you, BlueNile's Wedding Sets are amazing!
They have a selection to die for with so many choices in style its dazzling to the mind.
But there are many important factors to buying the right Wedding Rings. You need to either be a Gemologist yourself or you need a company who can help you make the best informed decision possible about the metals you will have your ring in, as well as the Diamonds you will have as the stones.

And since not many people are well versed in diamonds it really helps that BlueNile has the staff to help you in this most important choice.

Some of the most beautiful Wedding Bands BlueNile offers are the channel set and the Eternity Band. Personally I love the Eternity Bands, because they represent a lifetime full of love and hope to me. If I could, I would choose the Eternity Band in Platinum for its rarity and gracefulness in style.

BlueNile has to be the most awesome company on the Internet with the best prices around, but the most wonderful thing about BlueNile is the fact that they will lead you with a knowledgeable staff in the journey to buy your Wedding Bands and you can feel safe knowing that this purchase is the best one you will make.

New Bleach and Naruto Websites

Found two great new websites for Bleach and Naruto ~

The First website is which has great Bleach Episodes to watch online, free!
You can even watch the movies online, and the site links to a website that lets you have a month to month subscription to downloads that are legal! That website is
The only downfall to these two websites is the fact that they do have popups so if your browser or connection is slow it will be hard to watch the shows. All in all good websites with a great service.

The other website is ~

Bleach has a forum to join with on going discussions that are current to today's date. I hate finding forums that are like a year or more old with no new discussions so this is great. Also
the site has pages for Character Profiles, MP3's and Wallpapers as well as the Manga to read.
It is a clean site, easy to use and has tons of information to keep every Bleach Fan happy for a long time.

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Buying Diamonds or Engagement Rings?

If you are looking to buy either engagement rings or have your own Diamond Ring repaired with a new diamond, why not look at what BlueNile can offer you?
BlueNile offers the largest collection of Diamonds at the best price, some at 20 percent below traditional retail pricing. BlueNile also offer Ring Settings, with your choice of Gold, Silver,and Platinum. You can build your own ring by choosing the best diamond in your favorite cut and then you have your own memories that will stand the test of time.
BlueNile also has a collection of Jewelry from Gemstones, such as the prettiest
Heart Necklace made of Rubies and Diamonds. You can find Gentleman's Jewelry as well as Ladies which is very helpful especially at this time of the year with Christmas being only 55 shopping days away! So whether it is Engagement Rings, Wedding Bands, or other genres of Jewelry BlueNile is the best company to start your buying with.
BlueNile has the best prices on the most wonderful Jewelry and they offer a 30 no questions asked Money Back Return Policy and Free shipping via Fed Ex on all orders. You have the best company to help you buy the very best in Diamonds, you will be happy you began your search with BlueNile.

Naruto and Bleach

Naruto and Bleach Blog

Yes, you guessed it , if in fact you did guess it.......Naruto's Arena is converting itself into a Naruto and Bleach Blog,or just an all together Anime Blog. I will update on as much anime as humanly possible, That way you get the best of all worlds ^-^

The main Anime and Manga I will focus on most of all will be Naruto and Bleach so when you come here everything Naruto ,will be Bleached.
And now for my Choice of Bleach Videos , via ~

Bleach 32: Season 2: Ep.32
Renji faces defeat and in his last moments recalls his childhood with Rukia in the Rukongai district of the Soul Society.

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Looking for a New Couch?

Buying Couches is not as easy a task as it used to be back in the day. Today there are literally hundreds of styles and just as many choices in coverings. You can choose from sectionals, Sofas and simple love seat arrangements.My first choice has been leaning toward Leather as a covering lately. Leather Couches just have that timeless beauty and seem to fit almost every decor you can possibly think of. At I found a sweet Leather Sofa Set, the Burnished Tobacco Leather Sofa that has the styling I have long been wishing for. The cost is awesome as well, at $1950.00, a savings of over 55 %! There is also also a gorgeous leather and fabric chair to go with the sofa.

And if your choices run toward the Sectionals, check out their Premium Leather Sectional.
That sectional would be great in a large living room with high ceilings. Can you tell I watch way too much HGTV? An ottoman is also offered to go along with the Sectional so you can be sure to match your set perfectly.

So if you are looking for a great sectional or sofa at a awesome price, check out for all the greatest and latest styles and prices.

Naruto ~ Ultimate Ninja Heros 2 Phantom Fortress Review

There is a review of Naruto Ultimate Ninja Hero's Phantom Fortress over at today:

Naruto: Ultimate Ninja Heroes 2: The Phantom Fortress is the second game in the series for the PlayStation Portable. It is a casual fighting game. It may just as well be a revamped version of its predecessor, and while it still has its own share of problems, you’ll find Phantom Fortress to be more entertaining, and considerably longer.

The reviewer seems to like the game and describes many of its features in detail which is great if your trying to decide on whether or not to shell out the cash for a game. To read the rest of the review please click here.

Also, found another awesome blog ~ Naruto Chaos.
The site has the latest chapter ~ 422 available to read about. There is also a extensive Image Gallery at the blog ~
I love finding these blogs, if you have a blog you would like to see reviewed and listed here, leave a note!!! One final note about Naruto Chaos, they have the bloodlines listed, see this link.