Thursday, October 30, 2008

New Bleach and Naruto Websites

Found two great new websites for Bleach and Naruto ~

The First website is which has great Bleach Episodes to watch online, free!
You can even watch the movies online, and the site links to a website that lets you have a month to month subscription to downloads that are legal! That website is
The only downfall to these two websites is the fact that they do have popups so if your browser or connection is slow it will be hard to watch the shows. All in all good websites with a great service.

The other website is ~

Bleach has a forum to join with on going discussions that are current to today's date. I hate finding forums that are like a year or more old with no new discussions so this is great. Also
the site has pages for Character Profiles, MP3's and Wallpapers as well as the Manga to read.
It is a clean site, easy to use and has tons of information to keep every Bleach Fan happy for a long time.

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