Saturday, April 18, 2009

Naruto Manga Chapter 444 ~ Release

First the WEEKLY SHONEN JUMP cover, provided by Zagetsu01 at B.A.

*Naruto Manga Release/Spoilers

Finally it has been released, It was actually released yesterday but, I'm late as usual. Well the very anticipated chapter of Naruto is out, ready to be read and fully translated. The Naruto Chapter is Entitled "The Answer" For many reasons the obvious one you'll find out when you read it >.>

Quick Summary:
Naruto meets with Nagato, and tries to tell him something and get answers, but realizes he can't forgive him for what he's done, While Nagato holds Naruto under control with his chakra, he tells Naruto what his palce is, but its no use against Naruto seeing as he breaks free of his Chakra, a long discussion eventually leads to Nagato telling his sources for pain

Thursday, April 16, 2009

Naruto Manga Chapter 444 ~ Spoilers

Naruto Manga Spoilers
Chapter 444

Here are the Naruto Spoilers, the real-deal should be out Friday, thats Tomorrow, you probably know that though, I'm pretty sure you have a Calendar on you wall, If you don't thats strange, oh well enjoy :

[ ナルトと長門の会話~



長門 ナルトを操作してつれて帰ろうとするがナルトは支配されず

小南 この距離なのに長門のチャクラを戻すなんて何て子なの><

ナルト 仇を目の前にして自分がどうできるかみたいな事をいい

ナルト 俺はお前らを許せねえ今すぐにでも殺してやりたい!



ナルト 俺はお前らの事を何も知らないなぜ憎むようになったのか


俺の痛みは2つ 1つは両親が殺されたこと




長門父母は 長門に隠れていなさいといい

忍者は 敵だ~と父母を瞬殺
死体を見て おいこの人達は一般人だぞ
殺した忍者 なんで戦いのど真ん中に一般人が…すまんなボウズ

その時外で雷がなり 光ったときに長門が見たものは 木の葉の額当て

長門 うああああああああああああああああああ

ここで輪廻眼が出て来たところで ]

< Nagato and Naruto start discussion two black roads come up from Nagato's wheelchair and attack Naruto's chest Nagato - using that roads - shows how jiraya and kakashi died Nagato thinks to control naruto but it isn't so.

Konan: Even if he's so close he rejected nagato's chakra. What a guy! Naruto says that it was planned and his eyes start mixing frog style's eyes and kyuubi style's eyes.

Naruto: I cant forgive you, now let's finish that.

And he attacks Nagato but then he stops and he asks Nagato about his past. Nagato starts talking

Nagato: I felt pain twice. First time when my parents got killed and here flashback starts During the ninja war my family escaped. we hid into an house but 2ninja came in looking for food. Nagato's mother told him to stay hidden. Then his parents attacked ninja and they were killed by enemies.The Enemy saw nagato and then he asked "why do privates should be in the middle of that war? Im sorry kid" right that moment a storm started outisde. the ninjutsu it's from a konoha ninja.

Nagato: "aaaaaaaaaaaaa" Rinnegan was shown >