Saturday, November 8, 2008

Layway helps during the Christmas Holidays

The XBox 360, the single thing all my kids want for Christmas, and the one thing that unless I can use Layaway I wont be able to get them. I used to love when that large chain of stores whom I will not name would start the Christmas Season Layaway, but alas they no longer have this option. Shame, because in my section of the state so many families counted on this for helping and with our economic state being what it is this option is more needed than ever before.
Well there is one retail chain that still have layaway, the only one from what I hear - Kmart. With Kmart Lay-Away you can go into the store nearest you ( use this link to find a store near your location) and then get your purchases together go to the lay away section of the store and place a small down payment and then just make bi weekly payments until you reach the total. That is it, no credit, no interest its a perfect deal.

Now at least if I can get the down payment together I will be able to get the kids an XBox 360 and a few games. And I will be able to do so without stressing over the cost or worrying about being accepted for credit and it will be a new system, not used which never ends up working out well for me.

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Naruto Manga Chapter 424

Naruto Manga: Determination

Naruto's latest manga chapter,Entitled Determination, Kakashi's battle with Pain still continues,but things become a little more difficult when some one unexpectedly get killed?!?!

this Chapter is definitely a must-read!
You can download this chapter at NarutoFan ,or just read it at OneManga or Bleach Exile, and while you're at it check out this preveiw of this weeks Chapter

NarutoFan also has this weeks Episode so check that out and possibly if you want to download it , or just skip on down to Anime Media and watch it.

Also, last night I was talking about catching up with Bleach Synopsis web sites, and I thought it would be cool if I placed the very first episode of Bleach here for your viewing pleasure!

Enjoy :-)

Friday, November 7, 2008

In need of new Personal Checks?

If your in the market for new checks then there is a website you just have to check out! It is called Carousel Checks and it has a great selection with even better pricing! We all know that most times we use a check cashing card, called a debit card for our purchases, and shopping online has made having checks even less necessary.

But what happens when your out in a different area than where you live, and all of a sudden your in need of a check because the store or business wont take a debit card? That is where Personal Checkscome in totally handy! This means that if your stuck in a small town with a flat tire or trashed engine you can still stay over night in a hotel instead of sleeping in your car!

Checks are also nice to have because you can insert them into a card to send to a child for their birthday. It is those personal times when you do not want to be whipping out your ATM card, right? And at Carousel checks you can pick all sorts of neat styles. I love the Animal Checks, there are Cats Checks that totally rock as well as baby animals.
No matter what your personal style is they have a selection of checks to cover it, with a really good shipping price and great turn around time.

*Rukia* and Aizen and the Soul Society

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Aizen and the Soul Society

I have been thinking much about this story line we now see in Bleach. I am a new comer to the story myself ( my kids are the Lords of the story) but I am beginning to see that I must start at the very beginning and catch up. I love romance and this story is certainly filled with that, as well as high drama and justice.
My question now is , will Aizen battle and win over the Soul Society and should they be helped after trying to kill Rukia? Was Rukia right to have helped Ichigo in the first place???

Are there any crib notes for this show?
So that is my post for tonight, to find the best synopsis sites for Bleach, complete with commentary for we poor souls who are late to the party and need help catching up.
I found Bleach Story Synopsis first ~ and Endless Bleach as well. I think I prefer the set up at Endless Bleach just check out what it has, an about page for Kubo Tite, an introduction to Bleach, then character biographies, movies, game information, location guides, ghost types ... you name it! And there is a Zanpaku-to Guide too. I will be adding more to this as time goes on, but its a start to help those who are just now getting into Bleach.

Thursday, November 6, 2008

Do it right the first time and you will never regret it

Some times when you are about to try something new, you do one of two things ( if you are like me that is) you either jump into the new event with both feet and both eyes closed or you sit and wonder and chew it over until it is nothing but a distant memory.

This is how it has been for my search for web hosting for my websites. I already know that there are a few of the biggies out there that I sure do not want to deal with, but I wish I had been lucky enough to have learned these particular companies were not the greatest by checking out first!
Great little website top compare all the different major web hosts out today, as well as other information such as Linux Hosting information.

Monday, November 3, 2008

A Major Listing of Anime Websites ~

I found from a Tech Blog of all places, the mother load of Anime Websites, mostly for videos. The post is called 50 Websites you'll wonder how you lived without
and it has many websites in this article , not just video so I really suggest a read as it covers all one needs to use on or off the Internet.

The main site is called OVGuide ( Online Video Guide) and it has to the left a sidebar where you can choose your topics, and of course for this blog we choose Anime and here I will list just a few of the websites I liked but you can see the entire listing by clicking here:

OVGuide - Anime Topic

The first few I found on the website that seemed to be good for all things, not just video are:

AnimeWoot -
It has a forum, a section with all the Anime Shows, and a chat on each shows page. CUrrently there are 192 episodes that are working on the site to view. There is also an Anime shop that has
the Manga for sale. The show listing looks pretty extensive, so check them out.

Next up in my review is JustDubs ~

This site has the dubbed episodes of Bleach to 86 and two movies. If your not into hearing it in Japanese only, this is the place for you. Nice website, easy to use.

The next website I will place here is AnimeVegeance Videos ~

While this site also has all the major names in Anime as videos to view, it is a bit cluttered and harder to use than the other two. There is a forum, video, graphics and even radio to listen to although I did not use the radio.

The last website to be reviewed today is AnimeThat ~

I love the peaceful colors, easy on the eyes. Nice to see first off when you come to a website.
This site is current to episode 181 and also sports forums.

The best thing about all these websites is the fact that while you can go to see your favorite Anime you can also get hooked on shows you may not have seen otherwise. This is a perfect way to expand your Anime knowledge and have a great time.

And remember is not just for anime there are many many other topics to choose from, beware though that there might be adult content so if your under age, please check out the website with your folks okay?