Saturday, November 8, 2008

Layway helps during the Christmas Holidays

The XBox 360, the single thing all my kids want for Christmas, and the one thing that unless I can use Layaway I wont be able to get them. I used to love when that large chain of stores whom I will not name would start the Christmas Season Layaway, but alas they no longer have this option. Shame, because in my section of the state so many families counted on this for helping and with our economic state being what it is this option is more needed than ever before.
Well there is one retail chain that still have layaway, the only one from what I hear - Kmart. With Kmart Lay-Away you can go into the store nearest you ( use this link to find a store near your location) and then get your purchases together go to the lay away section of the store and place a small down payment and then just make bi weekly payments until you reach the total. That is it, no credit, no interest its a perfect deal.

Now at least if I can get the down payment together I will be able to get the kids an XBox 360 and a few games. And I will be able to do so without stressing over the cost or worrying about being accepted for credit and it will be a new system, not used which never ends up working out well for me.

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