Saturday, August 9, 2008

The Naruto Updates

Naruto: Shippuden Episode 070
The Latest episode of Naruto Shippuden is out and translated by
Dattebayo,and you can download it at
Either of them has it and if your not into the waiting process You can go to
They have the latest Naruto Episodes all the way back to Some of the old ones, They also have a wide variety of other anime to watch.

About the Naruto Episode>Find out yourself to see if it sounds interesting

("Kyōmei" (共鳴) )
[ The chakra of the Nine-tails rages out of control within Sora, preventing Naruto and the others from subduing him. Asuma and Kazuma resume their old battle, while Kazuma justifies his actions with his duty as a pawn to the "King" of the Fire Country. Naruto is repeatedly knocked down in his attempts to restrain Sora, but the chakra seeps into him and transforms him as well. Yamato is unable to suppress the Nine-tails's chakra in both Jinchūriki, being prevented by an unknown outside force. Sora's fourth tail emerges, causing the Nine-tails's Cloak to envelop his body. He temporarily gains his own consciousness when he witnesses Naruto stab himself in the leg and successfully prevent the original Nine-tails's Cloak from emerging. ]

Naruto Manga Chapter 412
The latest Naruto Manga has surfaced and like I say Every time you come here You can read it at one of the following two sites

I've yet to read the Manga but it promises to be good ^-^
So heres a Sneak Peek