Saturday, October 25, 2008

Deathwish Skateboards Are Sick!

Deathwish skateboards are too cool, have you seen them? This is one of my favorite decks ~

Or I could totally love the Punked Gangsta Banndanna in White, sweet. You get to express who you are with these sweet decks, but there is so much more at Deathwish Skateboards. They have Decks, Trucks, Wheels, Hardware and Accessories like Banners and some pretty awesome clothes.I really love the Baker Craze Backpack it has the slamming look to it. Oh and check out the girls Habitat Pod Hoodie, nice.

I used to use my skateboard all the time, but it really time I get a new one. Will definitely be checking out the stock at Deathwish Skateboards because they have everything I need and its all totally awesome stuff. Hope the folks are reading this for Christmas!!!

Naruto: Shippuuden Episode 081 by Dattebayo

Naruto: Shippuuden Episode 081 by Dattebayo

The latest Naruto updates, which include an Episode,being 81,and the manga chapter 422 ,are out for the world to watch , read, check out ,comprehend, dip into ,examine , or bury yourselves in.

lets start with the episode Naruto Shippuden Episode 81 entitled Sad News,Subbed by the one and only dattebayo,you can learn more of this episode update, y'know download it, at NarutoFan or Dattebayo.and you can watch this at the ever updating AnimeMedia

[-Descpiption of Episode 81-]
Naruto struggles to combine shape and elemental manipulation in his new technique. Elsewhere, the Akatsuki begin sealing the two-tailed beast, and the Akatsuki leader reveals that Akatsuki plans to use the tailed beasts to cause conflict, serving as mercenaries at a lower cost than the ninja of the hidden villages, replacing them and eventually taking over the world. News of Asuma's death reaches Konoha just as Naruto realizes the solution is to use two shadow clones instead of one.

Naruto Manga Chapter 422

Why does it feel as though we've done this before....(Deja Vu)?

Well, the latest manga of Naruto in complete translation-Meaning you can read it,YES!
This Manga's title you ask? It is Entitled "Kakashi vs Pain" and you shall go read it at OneManga or BleachExile, If you prefer.

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Gilroy Gardens ~ An Awesome Place to Take Your Children and Students

I am from the Santa Clara County area of California area, and the one thing we always had that made the area awesome to live in was the many different types of parks to visit. In San Jose you have Happy Hollow Park which is a zoo that has a Japanese Friendship Garden attached to it, and back in the days when my older children were small it was free!
And the big dog of parks in the area of San Jose is Marriott's Great America which I hear they now call Paramount Great America. There is no doubt that California amusement parks are stellar and can not be compared to other states. Even the local parks which are in nearly every single neighborhood are amazing.

Now there is a new park that due to my having been away for the last 14 years had not heard of before today, an the bank of California theme parks has increased to the better. Gilroy Gardens opened the doors for children back in 2001 as the only Horticulture Theme Park. The park was started by the family who owned grocery store chain Nob Hill who after selling Nob Hill wanted to do something to give back to the community and to help teach about Horticulture, adding to the area history of Farming that goes back 100s of years .

Gilroy Gardens is a teaching Park to be sure, where children can go and learn about plants and how to grow them but the park is also a place for children to go and have fun too. They have over 40 rides at the park, including Roller Coasters and the Coyote & Redwood Junctions Railroad train ride. The parks rides are all managed by paramount parks so you can rest easy knowing the children will be in safe hands while taking in all the rides and gardens.

I only wish my children were still small enough to go and enjoy Gilroy Gardens and I hope we here in Kentucky get this same type of place for our local children, it would be a great addition to any community.


Originally uploaded by Hyuga Mah
These are sweet! I will try to get a Flickr Link up as well as the Anime Art Page, I am sure lots of people would want to have these!!!

Chibi in Japanese means short person or small child, they remind me so much of how the Final Fantasy people looked in the FF games way back in the beginning, don't you think?
Hey, there are some Chibi for Bleach at Amazon - check this out!

Check them out here at

And also there is ~
And finally for now~ Naruto Chibi at Amazon here.

Document Scanning Can Help Protect Your Valuable Images and Files

As the computers for home use get bigger, faster, and more intricate the amount of work we can accomplish on them also increases immensely. This work often is in the form of Documents and such. For someone like my Father who writes Civil War Books ~Biography of the Memphis and Charleston Railroad (Paperback) document scanning is a real life saver! For the Business Owner,
document scanning is also a very important back up feature for legal documents as well as written Invoices.

With RecordNations document scanning gives the customer a means of backing up all data and storing it for future use. This can be very helpful for Tax purposes and also in the event of a Disaster. The company takes care of Medical Records, Image Scanning, and shredding of documents as well.
The company even offers on site * media vault storage. These vaults are climate controlled and keep the humidity levels down to keep the media you store stay for a long time. And with this option you even have Security people who come and pick up your backed up tapes and such on a regular basis .

This is a great service one that I wish I could use however my Documents are not at a level yet where I need this, it sure will be something that most Small Business will definitely use!

The Art of Naruto and Bleach

Anime Art has long been known as some of the most beautiful art ever made, but the main stream audience for Art has really just been introduced to Anime by way of the work of such Anime greats as Hayao Miyazaki of Spirited Away and Howls Moving Castle fame.
The oldest anime movie known to exist is from 1917, and was just 2 minutes in legth. The first Anime full length picture to be done in color was Panda and The Magic Serpent.

Momotaro's_Divine_Sea_Warriors ~ 1944 First Full Legth Feature

I love the art work in Anime and so we will be building a page that will list the Best of the Best in this field. If you have any ideas or suggestions please let us know!

Off to watch Spririted Away now, ~;-)

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Need Help Obtaining Tax Relief?

Have you been audited by the IRS and now face Tax bills, penalty's or worse? I have been hearing more and more about innocent families who now face this in their lives, people who pay their taxes but were not totally aware of the Tax Code and the many many changes made to the code each year. You either need to have a Degree in Tax Law yourself to make sure this never happens or spend the better part of the year reading the new codes in hopes of being prepared. Either way, one mistake can cost you dearly.

You can face Liens by the IRS on your home, your business and your banks can be levied as well. You can have so many fines and so much interest on your tax bill that you will never be able to dig out and you can face the greatest stress of your life or you can prepare now and hire a good Tax Attorney.

Having a good Tax Lawyer can mean the difference between almost total ruination and being able to settle your tax debt with peace of mind intact. A Tax Attorney is fully trained in not only the tax code but also are able to help you with wage assignments, Liens, and late taxes.

Do yourself a huge favor, if you are currently facing Tax issues, call and ask about getting some Tax Relief with a good Tax Attorney on your side.

Monday, October 20, 2008

Naruto Fever?

I found a lot of Naruto Fansite ,just incase you guys have trouble finding any good ones,so here in this list of naruto fansite,There is stuff ranging from 'Naruto Crazy Tests'or even Ramen recipes!
Theres a cosplayer corner,shikamaru's IQ test,Fanart Exhibition,Wallpapers,Flash Games and like you would find here on my very own blog Episode updates, They Also have Character bios, maybe even one on your favorite character?

Naruto Fever

And here we have Naruto Fansite #1 you can find just about the same Info here but they also have Info on Jutsu's,Info on our favorite Characters Naruto,Sakura and Sasuke-They also have Icons,Gifs,and Avatars.

Sunday, October 19, 2008

web Hosting Reviews Are Very Important When Thinking of Setting Up Your Domains

Are you looking for help in finding the best web hosting you can? Well I have found a place that helps you to not only find and compare the best web hosting companies around the Internet but also helps you with some pretty awesome Articles on such topics as The Advantages and Disadvantages of Linux which due to my being a Linux User I gravitated to right away! It was a really detailed and helpful article as are many of the other articles in the Database.
But the really helpful items are the side by side comparisons they have of the current Web Hosting Companies on the front page at Web Hosting Rating.
You can see each company in the box and see the companies Price, Space allotment and a Review of the Web Host Company. This really makes the search for a web host so much easier, especially for someone like myself who just today was checking out domains and hosting prices for a new website to devote just to Bleach so I can leave this one for Naruto specific Information.
As far as I am concerned this is the best way to go about finding a company for your web hosting needs because once you build your website you will be at that domain URL for the life of that website unless you are okay with losing page rank and back links.

I Found the Motherload of Bleach Information!

Okay, this may not be news to you all, but I finally found a website that contains 'all' the wanted information about Bleach, from who the cast members are in many countries such as Poland, Germany and even Brazil to who does the Digital Download Companies are etc etc. I mean this has all the information you could possibly ever want!

I will have to say that this website is a GEM for all Bleach Fans.

AnimeNewsNetwork ~ Bleach (TV) page.

I will also be placing this high on my side bar as a important resource to be sure.
If you have a website that is more extensive than this one is, please let me know OK?

And here is their Naruto (TV) Page

And lastly, if you live in the Fort Mitchell KY area, SugoiCon 2008 is coming up Friday October 31st through November 2. Here is the detail page for that.