Monday, October 20, 2008

Naruto Fever?

I found a lot of Naruto Fansite ,just incase you guys have trouble finding any good ones,so here in this list of naruto fansite,There is stuff ranging from 'Naruto Crazy Tests'or even Ramen recipes!
Theres a cosplayer corner,shikamaru's IQ test,Fanart Exhibition,Wallpapers,Flash Games and like you would find here on my very own blog Episode updates, They Also have Character bios, maybe even one on your favorite character?

Naruto Fever

And here we have Naruto Fansite #1 you can find just about the same Info here but they also have Info on Jutsu's,Info on our favorite Characters Naruto,Sakura and Sasuke-They also have Icons,Gifs,and Avatars.

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