Friday, November 14, 2008

Bleach Manga 334

Bleach Manga Chapter 334

Yes! The wait is over we'll know who it was Matsumoto saw and who ever it is everyone will squeal and be the Bleach-tards we are *Sigh* .Well as I was saying this weeks Bleach Manga is out and translated by The people who translate it I'm not sure who that might be but thanks anyway people^-^

This weeks Bleach Manga Chapter is Entitled "Dregs Of Hypnosis" and Its continuing with Rangiku's fight with Halibels Fraccion , and an unknown Shinigami has arrived to help out ,but who? well you'll have to find that one out when you read it.

and this can be done at OneManga.Com or Bleach Exile

:Preveiw for Manga:

And Lets not forget the Latest Episode Entitled "Neliels Past" , You can watch this at Anime Media.Com its spicey fresh and ready to be veiwed by you ,so go and watch it! Vaya Con Dios!

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I always day dream about where I would go if I could just get away for a few days. I dream about a cozy cabin some where in the mountains where I can just walk and get my internal bearings back in alignment again. If you are like me and desire a get away but do not know where to start in the planning, what about starting with a bed and breakfast Breckenridge?
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Sacramento NWR - 061207-25-T

Sacramento NWR - 061207-25-T
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Good morning everyone

Yes, I know it is a sunset photo but sometimes if u r really lucky here in Kentucky you get a sunrise that looks like this! Only in the fall and winter do you get the best chances to see these colors.

Today is going to be a big day for me so posting will be late, however I was wondering if everyone was aware of the changes to the blog list on the right side of the site? What do you all think? Keep or ditch???

I am still working on how to link up pages to this blog so I can have separate pages for the characters and the info that goes along with Bleach and Naruto.
Why bother to do that if all these great sites do it? One more site with the info can not hurt, right? And its fun as you make the pages you do learn stuff you did not know about the characters and story line.

so check back later this afternoon for my Bleach and Naruto Posts ~

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

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"Your 1# Naruto Anime and Manga Fansite"

You've probably been here Right? Well I'm going to tell you anyway Naruto-Kun is a Fansite for Anime and Manga for not just Naruto but Bleach too! Its like a special prize on the inside of a cereal box! Only its two for one...

They have Naruto Information such as # Naruto anime # Naruto manga # Naruto villages # Naruto characters and so on I'll leave the rest for you to guess or check it out and find out yourself,They also have Downloads>Bleach,Colored Manga,Naruto Shippuden and the shippuden Movie.

And As for Graphics they Have

Animated Gifs
Naruto Wallpapers
Calendar Art....

So Check it out and goto the following link below this very short very pointless sentence

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Veterans Day

Veterans Day
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I wanted to take this opportunity to thank ALL Veterans who now serve, have served so that I can sit here at my computer and be free to write what I will, and live a free happy life.
You all have made me secure in my home with my children, have given me untold opportunities to be safe, happy and to realize my dreams.
No words I say can ever repay your devotion to country, but I say thank you just the same.
To everyone who reads this blog, please ... when you see a Service member of our Armed Forces today, please tell them thank you. And don't just do it today, do it everyday.
My son serves proudly in the US NAVY, I salute him and his fellow sailors today. I work hard to make sure that all service members are given the proper respect due them for making sacrifices beyond measure for all of us.
God Bless each one of you on this day, and all days. We love you, we know your sacrifices, and we hold you in our prayers each day.