Tuesday, November 11, 2008


"Your 1# Naruto Anime and Manga Fansite"

You've probably been here Right? Well I'm going to tell you anyway Naruto-Kun is a Fansite for Anime and Manga for not just Naruto but Bleach too! Its like a special prize on the inside of a cereal box! Only its two for one...

They have Naruto Information such as # Naruto anime # Naruto manga # Naruto villages # Naruto characters and so on I'll leave the rest for you to guess or check it out and find out yourself,They also have Downloads>Bleach,Colored Manga,Naruto Shippuden and the shippuden Movie.

And As for Graphics they Have

Animated Gifs
Naruto Wallpapers
Calendar Art....

So Check it out and goto the following link below this very short very pointless sentence

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