Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Where would you go for the best Diamond Jewelry?

Diamond Jewelry makes the perfect Christmas gift for your loved ones, whether your Mother, sister, wife or daughter. Diamonds have an illustrious history dating back as jewelry to the early 4th century BC in India. They are colorless, yet sparkle with every color of the rainbow and when a woman wears them she feels like a Queen. No other gemstone gets as much attention from jewelers or the people who buy them, and some of the most haunting history comes from stories about famous diamonds. The Hope Diamond is one such diamond, from its original owner King Louis XIV of France who while owning the stone went through the French Revolution to Henry Hope who after owning it died penniless, to the last owner who gave it to the Smithsonian Institute this diamond was said to be cursed. Another historically famous diamond was the Taylor-Burton Diamond, given to Elizabeth Taylor by Richard Burton. It was a 69 carat stone that Ms Taylor wore at the 40th birthday party for Princess Grace's in Monaco and in 1978 sold to fund a hospital in Botswana.

No other gemstone gathers as much attention and the one business that brings as much sparkle to diamonds as the stone itself is Blue Nile. They have an outstanding collection of Diamond Jewelry with well educated people to help you in your buying journey and free shipping as well.
Whether you are looking for Diamond Earrings or a Diamond Necklace you will find many styles and price ranges to help you with your decision.

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