Friday, November 14, 2008

Sacramento NWR - 061207-25-T

Sacramento NWR - 061207-25-T
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Good morning everyone

Yes, I know it is a sunset photo but sometimes if u r really lucky here in Kentucky you get a sunrise that looks like this! Only in the fall and winter do you get the best chances to see these colors.

Today is going to be a big day for me so posting will be late, however I was wondering if everyone was aware of the changes to the blog list on the right side of the site? What do you all think? Keep or ditch???

I am still working on how to link up pages to this blog so I can have separate pages for the characters and the info that goes along with Bleach and Naruto.
Why bother to do that if all these great sites do it? One more site with the info can not hurt, right? And its fun as you make the pages you do learn stuff you did not know about the characters and story line.

so check back later this afternoon for my Bleach and Naruto Posts ~

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