Monday, February 23, 2009

A Place where kids can rock and roll with total fun!

With my kids, playing video games is a total release. They can go to a virtual world where they can do all sorts of fun and exciting games, and they can accomplish so many awesome feats. It is a great way to build self confidence and also meet new people. But my kids are now of an age where they do not need my supervision and know the stranger danger rules.
It is pretty awesome to be able to introduce a place where they younger children can go and do what the older kids are doing but do it in a safe environment.

At MAGNEXT VIRTUAL there is a whole world for young kids to visit, play awesome games against other kids and have a great time doing it. They can get points for doing well and not feel bad when they are not tops yet. This is important for a young child in his or her shaping of the new Internet world they will one day inhabit. This is a great way to let them do what the older kids are doing without being in any danger of being introduced to the wilder side of the games out there because lets be frank, today parents are not watching the older kids on the online games and there is a lot of risk verbal stuff going on during the play time.

And this MagNext world is one place where the kids would not have to see the blood and mayhem of the more popular games out today. I do not like to see the young ones playing such violent games at such a tender age.
So check out Magnext Virtual with your young ones, let them explore and grow in a safe online environment and feel safe knowing they are not being exposed to adult behaviour and they are having a ton of fun!


My Moon My Man ~ Feist

I know this is not exactly an Anime, Bleach or Naruto post, but I think this song would be a perfect fit for any Anime Show ~

Do u remember when you would dance , when you heard that perfect song and you thought no one could see you bare your soul musically? Check out this song, My Moon My Man Boys by Feist - Noize Remix

OMG this song just gets my heart going, I love it love it love it! I first heard this song from a set done at a nightclub in SF called DNA, from the website......... and my heart just melted it was so awesome!

It has been so long since I heard such beautiful and inspiring dance music, Feist is now on my radar, anyone have other music that fits this style?