Thursday, January 15, 2009

News on the TV Show Jericho

I have to blast this wonderful news about Jericho that my Mom blogs about, Jericho. If you have not seen it, Jericho is the greatest show that was on CBS that got canceled , then because of all the fans hard work it was brought back to CBS and because of a shorter season than normal it was canceled due to low ratings again. Well, my mom has blogged the show since it started back in 2006, I mean she is one serious fan!

Last night in an article at iF, it was reported that Jon Turteltaub and his company will be developing the show into a movie! To say my Mom was excited is a total understatement, she and all her fellow Jericho fan friends were really really excited. I know that this news plus the Welcome Home To Jericho event in LA next April is really got all those nutty Jericho fans all happy! I am happy for my mom too, she thinks that Jericho is so important because it really teaches you about being a part of something greater than yourself, your community and family.

I liked watching the show for that reason, but also for Hawkins he is SO cool. I want to put some links here so you can watch the entire show on Youtube, but if you really want to help all the fans and the show out, please check out the show each Sunday on the CW at 7 est! As mom says, we need butts in seats infront of the TV~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

If you have your own business and need Software, don't buy it; Rent!

Getting your business up and running smoothly is all dependent on whether you have all the needed tools to further you success. One tool that almost every business out there must have is software like Quick Books and Time Management Software. But when you first start out money is usually tight and the ability to buy full versions of software can run you into the hundreds and thousands of dollars.

You must also have someone or many people to be available to help you install the software, and to help you maintain it. Unless you have time to be both the boss of your company and the leader of the IT department this is going to be a waste of time. Why not rent your necessary software?

At Phase2 International, you are presented with fully hosted saas solutions for your company. Phase2 has the needed hosted software application for your business, and they will get it up and running as well as help you maintain it. This makes the management of your business easier for you, allowing you to concentrate on your business and that means more profits and less time spent on gaining the profits.

The idea of hosting softwares is a new idea but one that is needed for small businesses as well as large. It is a time saver as well as a cost cutter and it gives you peace of mind knowing that a solid company with trained individuals are there to help you be successful.

Naruto Icons

Icons Galore

Icons Courtesy of Meh:

~Here are some neat-O Icons from the kindly people of Live Journal~
I saw these and knew that there are a bunch of Naruto Fans out there looking for the coolest new Naruto graphics (to use on forums and what not), and I though why not post some Icons?

CHUUNIN// a naruto community at Live Journal

And a New opening for Naruto! might as well put up something flashy for you guys ^.^ Enjoy