Friday, May 30, 2008

Naruto Shippuden: Episode 061 & Manga 402

Naruto Episode 061:
The Latest Naruto Shippuden Series Episode, Subbed By Dattebayo,
Entitled "Contact"-
You Can Watch it on Youtube Or Download it At Dattebayo,Or
If you so Conveniently Happen To Have A " animePLUS! Members acc" on
NarutoFan You Can Fastly & Easily Download it there.

And Last But Certainly Not Least-
The Naruto Manga Chapter:402 The Title of this One is "Last Words"-
You Can Read This At OneManga.Com oR BleachExile
And Download It At NarutoFan.
Well Thats About it So See Ya Til The next Naruto Update ^-^