Wednesday, October 22, 2008

The Art of Naruto and Bleach

Anime Art has long been known as some of the most beautiful art ever made, but the main stream audience for Art has really just been introduced to Anime by way of the work of such Anime greats as Hayao Miyazaki of Spirited Away and Howls Moving Castle fame.
The oldest anime movie known to exist is from 1917, and was just 2 minutes in legth. The first Anime full length picture to be done in color was Panda and The Magic Serpent.

Momotaro's_Divine_Sea_Warriors ~ 1944 First Full Legth Feature

I love the art work in Anime and so we will be building a page that will list the Best of the Best in this field. If you have any ideas or suggestions please let us know!

Off to watch Spririted Away now, ~;-)

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Parka said...

I've both the art book. They are great.

There are some pictures of the art book on my blog as well.