Saturday, October 25, 2008

Naruto: Shippuuden Episode 081 by Dattebayo

Naruto: Shippuuden Episode 081 by Dattebayo

The latest Naruto updates, which include an Episode,being 81,and the manga chapter 422 ,are out for the world to watch , read, check out ,comprehend, dip into ,examine , or bury yourselves in.

lets start with the episode Naruto Shippuden Episode 81 entitled Sad News,Subbed by the one and only dattebayo,you can learn more of this episode update, y'know download it, at NarutoFan or Dattebayo.and you can watch this at the ever updating AnimeMedia

[-Descpiption of Episode 81-]
Naruto struggles to combine shape and elemental manipulation in his new technique. Elsewhere, the Akatsuki begin sealing the two-tailed beast, and the Akatsuki leader reveals that Akatsuki plans to use the tailed beasts to cause conflict, serving as mercenaries at a lower cost than the ninja of the hidden villages, replacing them and eventually taking over the world. News of Asuma's death reaches Konoha just as Naruto realizes the solution is to use two shadow clones instead of one.

Naruto Manga Chapter 422

Why does it feel as though we've done this before....(Deja Vu)?

Well, the latest manga of Naruto in complete translation-Meaning you can read it,YES!
This Manga's title you ask? It is Entitled "Kakashi vs Pain" and you shall go read it at OneManga or BleachExile, If you prefer.

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