Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Gilroy Gardens ~ An Awesome Place to Take Your Children and Students

I am from the Santa Clara County area of California area, and the one thing we always had that made the area awesome to live in was the many different types of parks to visit. In San Jose you have Happy Hollow Park which is a zoo that has a Japanese Friendship Garden attached to it, and back in the days when my older children were small it was free!
And the big dog of parks in the area of San Jose is Marriott's Great America which I hear they now call Paramount Great America. There is no doubt that California amusement parks are stellar and can not be compared to other states. Even the local parks which are in nearly every single neighborhood are amazing.

Now there is a new park that due to my having been away for the last 14 years had not heard of before today, an the bank of California theme parks has increased to the better. Gilroy Gardens opened the doors for children back in 2001 as the only Horticulture Theme Park. The park was started by the family who owned grocery store chain Nob Hill who after selling Nob Hill wanted to do something to give back to the community and to help teach about Horticulture, adding to the area history of Farming that goes back 100s of years .

Gilroy Gardens is a teaching Park to be sure, where children can go and learn about plants and how to grow them but the park is also a place for children to go and have fun too. They have over 40 rides at the park, including Roller Coasters and the Coyote & Redwood Junctions Railroad train ride. The parks rides are all managed by paramount parks so you can rest easy knowing the children will be in safe hands while taking in all the rides and gardens.

I only wish my children were still small enough to go and enjoy Gilroy Gardens and I hope we here in Kentucky get this same type of place for our local children, it would be a great addition to any community.

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