Sunday, October 19, 2008

I Found the Motherload of Bleach Information!

Okay, this may not be news to you all, but I finally found a website that contains 'all' the wanted information about Bleach, from who the cast members are in many countries such as Poland, Germany and even Brazil to who does the Digital Download Companies are etc etc. I mean this has all the information you could possibly ever want!

I will have to say that this website is a GEM for all Bleach Fans.

AnimeNewsNetwork ~ Bleach (TV) page.

I will also be placing this high on my side bar as a important resource to be sure.
If you have a website that is more extensive than this one is, please let me know OK?

And here is their Naruto (TV) Page

And lastly, if you live in the Fort Mitchell KY area, SugoiCon 2008 is coming up Friday October 31st through November 2. Here is the detail page for that.

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