Friday, October 17, 2008

Baby and Mother Skin Care

Mustela caters to Babies skin care and has 55 years of experience. The Company makes many different types of skin care products such as Mineral Sunscreens for baby. Mustela also has a cream for the care of Mothers skin during her pregnancy, helping to keep your skin helathy during preganancy is great for the mind and the spirit and will be a blessing after the baby is born. Now what really interested me at the Mustela Web Site was the line of Maternity and Post Partum products like the Post Partum Body Restructuring Gel which restores the firmness to the skin by use of soy proteins. But my favorite product is the Ultimate Hydration Cream, again made with Soy it leaves the skin hydrated by sealing in water with glycerin and nourishes the skin with wheat germ oil.

I would love to be able to finally use a cream that will give me great results, as I believe the Ultimate Hydration Cream will give me. This makes this cream my favorite product from Mustela. There are many areas on this site geared just towards babies but the most useful location on the website is the Parents Corner. I can recall being such a duck out of water on so many issues back when my older children were born, the Parents Corner would have been a huge help to me. The Tips and Advice area has sections on Expecting a Baby, Have a New Baby, and New Mom. Each of these areas are so important to new and expecting parents, and Dads are just as likely to gain from this section as Moms. The last section in the Parents Corner is about Problems some children suffer from on their skin, such as eczema and the section gives practical help to parents on how to deal with the issue.


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