Friday, November 7, 2008

*Rukia* and Aizen and the Soul Society

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Aizen and the Soul Society

I have been thinking much about this story line we now see in Bleach. I am a new comer to the story myself ( my kids are the Lords of the story) but I am beginning to see that I must start at the very beginning and catch up. I love romance and this story is certainly filled with that, as well as high drama and justice.
My question now is , will Aizen battle and win over the Soul Society and should they be helped after trying to kill Rukia? Was Rukia right to have helped Ichigo in the first place???

Are there any crib notes for this show?
So that is my post for tonight, to find the best synopsis sites for Bleach, complete with commentary for we poor souls who are late to the party and need help catching up.
I found Bleach Story Synopsis first ~ and Endless Bleach as well. I think I prefer the set up at Endless Bleach just check out what it has, an about page for Kubo Tite, an introduction to Bleach, then character biographies, movies, game information, location guides, ghost types ... you name it! And there is a Zanpaku-to Guide too. I will be adding more to this as time goes on, but its a start to help those who are just now getting into Bleach.

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