Friday, November 21, 2008

Layaway, Mom's and Dad's Best Friend This Christmas

With the way our economy is right now, dips in the Real Estate Market, and other avenues of income are being strangled by all this downturn activity Christmas is going to be tight for almost everyone. What we need is a way to get Christmas items for our families without placing them on our credit cards, but how? Well, now you can do this by using layaway at Kmart!
Here is how it works, you go to the store and choose the items you want to place on layaway, almost every item in the store is available for layaway except Computers, Alcohol Products, food, plants and cell phones. Also, any items that are of a chemical nature can not be placed on lay away ( because they have to be stored properly I am sure this is for safety reasons).
But this still leaves so many awesome gift ideas available to choose from such as Televisions and game systems and clothes.
So after you have made all your purchases, instead of going to the register to pay you will take the items to the Layaway section of the store, usually it is in the Customer Service Department.

You will need to have a State ID card or Drivers License so they can place you into their system, and who ever places the items on layaway is the person who must be there to take the layaway out.

After you register for the system they will ring up your items and give you the total. You will then either pay the lay away filing fee of $5 or ten% of the total of the layaway, which ever is greater. After that your due payments will be 25% of the balance due every two weeks. You can pay with check or credit card or cash of course.

Kmart Layaway for the Holidays is so simple and costs you far less than it would if you were to place a large total on your credit cards. And we still have 5 weeks before Christmas so that means your stress free as well. I hate having the stress of how to pay for Christmas gifts ruining the most joyous of seasons.

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