Saturday, October 11, 2008

A Computer With Out Windows Or Gates, Possible?

I am a die hard Linux user, will never go back to using Windows unless I am given the same freedoms I have now with Linux. I know many folks who have Windows Vista and love it, but many who have had huge issues with drivers, hard disk copies and such who would love to jump about the Linux or Mac ship.
I myself would definitely use a Mac if I could afford one, they have the most outstanding graphics programs I have seen. But is the switch from a Windows Computer to a Mac as scary as it sounds? I found an article that talks about making the switch with our personal computers from Windows to Macs that has a few tips to make the transition a bit easier.
Also on this blog is an article that talks about the computer timeline and the history of the computer. The article shows how the computer has gone from being massive, room sized monster machines, to what we now have sitting on our desks. Did you know that the technology has now become so affordable that 62 % of the people in the US now own computers? In 21 years the personal computer has now become something the nearly 190 million people can have one.
Pretty cool article, check it out.

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