Sunday, October 5, 2008

If You Are Looking to Get A Great Internet, Phone, and Cable Bundle Check out Charter And You May Even Win A Car!

These days getting a great cable, Internet and Phone Bundle is the best way to go. You bundle your services, but the hardest part now is finding out who provides great service at a great price. Right now if you go to Charter you can not only save money with their offered bundles you can also enter to win a Hybrid Car, so you get to save your green in your wallet and go green with a great car.

The offers for Charter Service are wonderful to be sure, with a price range for all three services at 99.97 per month. What do your services cost you now, I know mine is much higher than that. The car you will be able to enter to win is a 2009 Honda Civic Hybrid, that gets as much as 45 mpg and comes with a very impressive sound system as well. That is important, got to have the tunes while driving.
So if you want to get a great set of services all in one bundle and enter to win a awesome car that will help us all with the environment, then go to Charter and register today, no purchase is needed to enter to win the Honda. Here is the web page with the Contest Rules.


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