Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Buying Online ~ A Blessing and A Curse

Who has not bought something online in this day and age? And who has not been burned? I have to say that so far my experience has been 90-10 good. But there is that 10% that was such a bad experience.

My biggest online buying time of year is Christmas, I am thinking that is true for most folks. But I also buy online for my office needs through out the year, as well as for all my beading needs. I had one bad experience last Christmas when I with my Mom bought a Transformer Toy for one of my boys. The Website description clearly stated a size to the toy, but when we got the toy home, it was not even close to the toy described. It was a hard pill to swallow that to send it back would have cost me more than keeping it.


How about if there was a way to not have to have those kinds of experiences? Well there is, with buySafe. buySAFE is a Shopping Advisor , a tool used on line to make shopping on the Internet more secure. You buy your items via the BuySafe portal and each purchase is protected with a guareentee Bond of up to $25,000. Your Identity is also safe from theft with BuySafe.
This service is free to the customer and even gives ratings on many online Stores such as Ebay, Yahoo and Google. This year I and my family will be checking out buySafe for our Holiday purchases.


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