Tuesday, October 7, 2008

New Sites Found ~ Japanator and Giapet

Here are two new sites I found while trolling for Bleach info:

The first is Japanator where we found the following info from the Comic Con this year *2008*:

Tite Kubo panel at San Diago Comic Con rightfully named Tite Kubo Spotlight. First things first, he was awarded with the Comic-Con Inkpot Award for Comic Book Excellence, which in the past was awarded to Kubo’s predecessor Osamu Tezuka; hurray.
And further down we read ~
He stated that the biggest factor behind Bleach’s creation was that he wanted to draw shinigami in kimono, and that he started this concept with Rukia’s design. According to him, the characters come first in the creation process, and story comes second. He designs his characters clothing off of clothes he wishes were in existence, but aren’t. Also, we have some good news: Kubo will do a back story for Isshin, Ichigo’s father;
Read the rest of this story here!!!!

Japanator is a AWESOME site!!!!!

The other website I found, thanks to Japanator is Giapet ~a geek by any other name where the author writes a perfect post on Comic Con and how Kubo-sensei, won an award at Comic Con.
Great reading Bleach and Anime/Manga Fans!!!
I will keep finding these new sites to list here for both Bleach and Naruto.

And you can also check out Hulu.com where you can get and embed full episodes right in your website ~

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