Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Wil Wheaton Doing Voice For Naruto Character

News From Naruto land ~

Seems Wil Wheaton of Star Trek The Next Generation Fame will be doing one of the character voices on Naruto, but which character is not announced yet. Here is his post about this and I originally found the story at Trekweb here .

Pretty cool that he will be working on Naruto :-) I loved him on Star Trek ~

Also, from there is a review for the Naruto Uncut Box Set 10 Limited Edition :

Every time I think the show couldn’t get any better, it proves me wrong. The final battle between the Leaf genin and the Sound Ninja Four reaches new heights of thrilling and suspenseful battle in the latest arc of Naruto.

Each of the remaining Leaf genin – Shikamaru, Naruto, and Kiba must face one of the terrible Sound Ninja Four. Each is failing. Each is facing certain death. That’s when the first of two things happen. The first is that Naruto, who is facing the deadliest Sound ninja of them all, the strange Kimimaro, gets help from the most unlikely source – Rock Lee! Only just recovered from his surgery, Rock Lee faces Kimimaro to allow Naruto to continue his pursuit of Sasuke, Sasuke who has emerged from the coffin a changed young man. The battle between Rock Lee and Kimimaro holds unexpected and hilarious humor when Tsunade’s special elixir has a surprising effect on Rock Lee. His drunken fist is something all fans have got to see. Despite the humor however, the fight turns deadly. Soon each of the Leaf is shown with their backs to the wall and their lives about to be lost. That is when the second thing happens which makes episode 124 my personal and absolute favorite of the entire anime series so far. The animation does a beautiful sequence of transitions of the Leaf having the cavalry come in the nick of time and the cavalry are the Sand Village Ninja! It is the return of Temari, Kankuro and Gaara! The suspense has never been higher and the whole sequence is stupendous.

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And now for my daily Hulu choice ~ The Weapons Known as Shinobi:

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