Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Learning New Words Rock With The Readers Digest Word Power Widget

Have you ever wanted to have more power in your conversations? Has there been people in your life who just baffle you with the words they use? Well, one way to combat that is to bring your Vocabulary up a bit. You can do that without having to have a Vocabulary Text book, you can use a daily word widget from
With one of the many fun widgets you can download at Readers you can improve your vocabulary, get some Daily Laughs or even take your photographs and make them in to a entertaining image.
I choose the Word Power widget to download because I have always loved words, loved to learn new words. So now each day on my blog I can play a few rounds of Word Power and have fun while improving my vocabulary and making my mind stronger.
There is also a tool bar down load for those who have the extreme urge to get new information on just about anything, and its available for both Internet Explorer and Mozilla FireFox.
I would love to know who else has downloaded the Word Power Widget, maybe we can all get together and compare our scores.
If you want to get these cool widgets, just go to RD Laughs Main and download a few Widgets.


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