Thursday, February 5, 2009

New finds for Bleach

Have you checked out Youtube for anime videos with music from bands like KORN? There are alot of very talented folks out there making some of the Hollyweird folks look like they are standing still in their art.
And the music from the shows themselves are rocking as well. Bleach ~ The Diamond Dust Rebellion Soundtrack has gotten a write up from TeenInk Magazine. The write up is a great one and ends with the following good news:

With intricate tracks suited for fast-paced moments, the “Bleach: The Diamond Dust Rebellion” soundtrack is one rebellion you’ll be glad to experience.

In other Bleach and Anime news ~

Bleach SOULs takes the 2008 Best Manga Book Readers Poll as winner, there were 11 polls with over 4000 votes ! I know my girls can not get enough of the books, meaning I need to build a new shelf for the additions I am going to be ordering. I have to get into this show, I hear way to many awesome things about the story line and I do really love Anime.

In the mood for some Anime fashions, cards or wall scrolls?

I have to get this for 18, she is insane about Urahara ~

Minotaur Shop is open and catering to the otaku culture. I admit as a mom I had to look up the word otaku ( my girls are alreayd well into their studies into the Japanese Language) and was surprised to find out that it means fan of hobby ( and now I can say I am a Jericho and beading Otaku, cool) There is SO much at this place that if your an Anime Otaku you may just go beserk!

Happy reading Bleach Fans and here is my video for tonight ~


Season 3 : Ep. 60|24:51|
Central 46 is the highest judicial body in the Soul Society. After breaking into Central 46, Captain Hitsugaya and Rangiku discover that the forty Sages and six Judges were slau...

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