Thursday, February 5, 2009

Are you a parent looking for a safe place online for your little ones to play at?

Our little ones want to be like the big kids who get to play games online, but as parents we can not allow them to get into the XBox crowd. The language issue is a big problem for me, and the t hings that people talk about while playing, holy cow.But there is a place where you can go and sign your little ones up where they can play awesome games on line that are not little kid like.

MagNext is a virtual world where you can race your cars, go on super cool roller coasters and have great fun all the while really working hard at winning the games.

The sign up process is easy with an existing email. You as the parent get all the help files you need but its easy enough for the kids to pick up in the play department so you do not have to baby sit them while they play.

You can challenge other users in a Gladiator like combat, the world is colorful and kind of alien like which kids love. I liked the area where you can race your cars .. and you earn points each time you successfully complete a level.

Here is a screen shot to show you just what is in this wonderful world ~

If you have little ones who just want to be like their big brothers and sisters then take them to Magnext and turn them loose on the gaming world in safety! They and you will love it.


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