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Bleach and Naruto

Naruto Manga: Peace

The latest Naruto Manga by SleepyFans at OneManga, The Manga was recently translated just yesterday. So get down to that and watch it or...Read it. Yeah what ever you call it when you see it on you computer screen, just Go!

[ page 1:

Title: Peace
Left column: The feelings of a man respected as a god... The feelings caused by "pain", that so many men could not approach

page 2:
Ino dad: I understand now! The position of Pain's real body!
Shika: You got something?
Ino: What is it!?

Ino dad: Yeah... When I looked in the head of that guy from hidden rain that Jiraiya-sama caught

Ino dad: He was carrying dead bodies with his friend from the village
Rain guy: We're carrying dead bodies to the highest tower of the village. You know what is in there?

Shika: Carrying dead bodies?

Ino dad: Yes... You were right on the money before

page 3:
Ino dad: Listen... To begin with, in order to transmit the chakra signals, the receiver should logically be nearby

Ino dad: Then... that guy said that among all the towers in hidden rain, it was the tallest tower they were carrying dead bodies to...

Rain guy: Actually... The rumor is that Pain-sama is dwelling there
Ino dad: In hidden rain, the rumor is that Pain was inside of that tallest tower

Ino dad: Then that girl appeared as Pain... It was the same girl whose dead body was being carried to that tall tower...

Ino dad: It would mean that this tower is the place where they create Pain bodies by embedding those black stakes-like receivers into dead bodies

Shikamaru: So what is the connection with the position of the real body?

Page 4:
Ino dad: To transmit the chakra signals, the most efficient place is... To transmit as far away as possible, he had to be in the tallest tower!

Anbu: I see... which means

Ino dad: Pain's real body is on the highest place of Konoha...
Shikamaru: All right! Let's investigate thoroughly tall places

Translation by stream at The Naruto Forums ]


Bleach Manga : The Wrath

Bleach Manga 346, was released just yesterday morning I'm hardly late for this one....No? You can read this and more Manga, maybe discover differant variaties, at One Manga.Com, where they always have the freshest Manga around.

[ 簡易 Summary:

Ichigo is all beaten up, even though he's using the Hollow Mask he can't keep up with Ulq's speed.
Ulq tells Ichigo to bring Getsuga out --> Ichigo takes it out --> Ulq is undamaged, Ulq says "Human Level after all"

And shoots a black Cero.

It's all Ichigo vs Ulq except for a scene where Ishida tells Hime that Ichigo will be alright.
The mask Ulq destroyed returned back to normal.

Ann-chan note (lol): rushed it a bit cos in a hurry, I can't say it's 100% correct but it's fine overall.

Translation by Ann-chan ]

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