Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Bleach 343 manga

*First post in a while, Odd Numbers of Chapters eh? Well here goes something. The newish Naruto and Bleach Manga, like a half eaten birthday cake leftover in the fridge is ready to be eaten at any time so are these two chapters ^^


Bleach 343: The Gluttony

[Yammy's hand were recovered, now he participates in battle. He kills those who bully Orihime. When he about to aim Orihime, Ishida appeared and shot an arrow to Yammi's shoulder but his shoulder was too hard that the arrow couldn't go through. When Yammy turns back, Ishida already set a landmine and Yammy went boom (seems like the landmine was from Mayuri)]

*Info provided from BA's Annie & sketchbaka

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