Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Bleach Episode 196 by Dattebayo


Bleach Episode 196
Entitled :
Joining the Battle! The Strongest Shinigami Army Appears

Drum Roll please?
The latest episode of Bleach is as of now subbed in English too, huh strange its almost like it was done just for the fans.....Wait, it was ,it all comes back now.Well this weeks Episode is downloadable and watchable ,at each of the two following places which happen to be some places I've introduced you to before ,eh coincidences huh? Well in this case its in our favor Go to BleachWorld.Com and AnimeMedia , one of 'em gotta have it right?

Now go watch and do whatever you do while you watch Anime whether its ,Texting or Playing a Pokemon gameboy video game , just watch!

Okay, about this blog....

I am hoping to get a clearer idea of what 'you' the fan would like to see on this blog, as far as content. Do you like the posts that also have videos along with the written parts? Or do you want to see more indepth posts on certain topics?

Well, I would love to hear what you want to see here, so please leave word on this blog. I will answer each one and will post a thread about what folks are asking for , or make a poll about the topics you all ask for.

Now for a video from ~
Ep 17
Ichigo fights Renji Abarai

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