Sunday, November 23, 2008

Where to buy Golf Products In Germany

There is a Golf Shop in German called Gold Academy, now the site is in German only however if you really want to see what they do offer you can use Yahoo's BabelFish translation service which is what I did.
They offer Golf Professionals to help you with your game, something a gal like myself would need to even start the game. They also carry Calloway Golf Technology which I am told is among the best in the Golf World for Clubs and such, and they also do club fitting ( important I am told if you really want your swing natural and effective) and they also make custom clubs!

These custom clubs would be a fine Christmas gift for that special golfer on your gift giving list,
They also carry all the various accoutrement's of Golf that you would expect to find in a High End Golf Pro Shop such as Bags like the Bridgestone Cart Bag Mini 2007, and shoes for him and her and even the kids! Who does not want to promote the health of their children, and golf is a splendid way to get the whole family out into the great outdoors for some quality family time. Golf I am told helps with concentration as well as providing calming effects on the mental state. I myself have seriously considered taking the game up when my kids are grown because I like activities I can do either with a group or by myself where I can get in tune with who I am. Golf just seems to afford that to the people I watch play on tv.

I know there are many Americans who live and work in Germany and who also love Golf, this would be a perfect way to maybe ship a gift to a family member in Germany or buy for yourself. Help start a family member on the road to a great activity, even if you are in the US. Check the website out, use Bablefish Translation to help you translate the page and find some really good deals and products.

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