Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Bleach Episode 196 RAW


' *Squee* it's Bleach '

Well good morning people who view this blog or should I say おはよう, など! well anyway you know why I'm here and its to deliver the latest Anime updates to you , and that delivery says "Bleach Episode 196 is out but unfortunately its RAW" but its pretty nifty if ya know japanese.

A--nd if your Interested in watchin' this "Episode" , even though , you could go watch Naruto again cause what point is an anime episode if you don't know what they're sayin'? (But never less its Bleach , get off you stump and go watch >.<) at our beloved Anime Media


~Like I've said previuosly ,you could just Go to Bleach world and Download it, Yes I'll say it again got to BleachWorld/ or Bleach7 its a pretty decent place~(Actually I say its more decent than disney channel and all the adds for Hannah Montanna that they show)~ if you want BLEACH anime ,sorry peoples they don't have Naruto.

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